January 14, 2016

Morning Mind at Play. {Poem}

Flickr/Heath Cajandig

Before my brain actually wakes up
Before I touch a coffee cup—

A million words spin inside my head
Before I make moves out of bed

Each rhyme is clear and out it streams
Like rays of light when the sunshine gleams
A perfect way to start the day
To awake and feel my mind at play

To take some time to write it down
To refuse getting stuck in the “morning-screen-drown”
The one that makes us jump into our phone
Before allowing us time to be alone

With a full day ahead and words that flow
I set my intention to be grateful and grow
To be kind to those I get to meet
To be a positive force walking down the street

To do one thing that makes me happy
To accept the moments that may feel crappy
To feel thankful for our only Mother Earth
And my only mother for giving birth

For wanting to learn as much as I can
To make me into a stronger human
So, “Hello today!”—I’m glad you’re here
Here’s to brightness and life and so much good cheer!



A Little Mindfulness this Morning, Afternoon & Evening.


Author: Zo Flamenbaum

Editor: Yoli Ramazzina

Photo: Flickr/Heath Cajandig

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