January 21, 2016

Vital Signs. {Poem}


How peculiar it is that the process of

healing has this much potential to hurt

us and that that potential coincides so

nicely with the amount that we give a damn—

fractured open that smooth perfect casing,

made ourselves soft with the expectation

that our special he or special she would

instinctively go in with their scalpels

and prudently operate us to health.

There’s no taking it back when

you’re lying on the asphalt, exposed—

flesh and guts, treasures and secrets.

Yes, it’s much easier to operate on the

malady when the skin is taken out of away.

But now, the words would be far more

painful than they would’ve been otherwise.

But now, without the interference of our

armors, the thoughtless jabs can take a

direct path to the vitals.

But now, before we know it, we just may

be left with our jaws clenched and knuckles

white, grasping to hold together our once

perfect casings, so leftover shreds of

dignity remain.



Rocky Relationship Words that will get Under your Skin. {Poem}


Author: Nicole Wong

Editor: Yoli Ramazzina

Photo:  Flickr/PHOTO VANOVA

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