February 15, 2016

Bernie. {Poem}

feel the bern resized Honora Bowen

I’m not a very political person.

Or at least, I wasn’t before.

This year, everything changed.


Mouth agape at the daily news,

A reality star running for President;

Known for discriminating

Against every other living being.


A woman known for advocating Monsanto,

And changing safe levels

Of things that will only kill us.

Plutonium, Neonicotinoids, Chemtrails;

She very well may be

An aristocrat of darkness.


This year, I am voting for

The only candidate

Who hasn’t proven himself to be evil.


For, if I ran for President,

Would you vote for me?

I, too, a reality show star,

known for being mean,

Overreacting inappropriately.

If I ran for office, surely it would be so clear.


But, if I had money,

And the TV networks got something out of me,

Perhaps I could be the next President.

And you could be my Vice.


Let me catch my breath,

I’ll let you catch yours too.

Here’s to the trees,

Here’s to the bees,

Oxygen, choices, and humanity

Before it goes extinct.


Here’s to hoping

That you care,

That you vote,

And maybe, just maybe…

That this time,

We win.





Author: Honora Bowen

Editor: Travis May

Image: Author’s Own

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Read 1 comment and reply

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