Full Moon in Virgo: The Climax Point in the War over Our Hearts.

Via Kate Rose
on Feb 20, 2016
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*Eleditor’s note: Astrology isn’t a religion. We’re not sure it’s a science, either. It’s magic, maybe. But, as with feng shui, say, things affect things. So as long as we don’t go blaming our problems on the stars, as long as we assume responsibility for our own actions…well, hell, a little auspicious coincidence and applicable wisdom can’t hurt. And so, with that grain of salt…enjoy!


Peripeteia: (n.) The sudden or unexpected reversal of circumstances; the point of no return.

On Monday February 22nd, the moon will be full in the earth sign of Virgo and we will not only cross the line—we will leap so far over it that it disappears all together.

Many of us enjoyed playing in funhouses as children because of the aspect of illusion. What seemed like a wall was really only a door to a room we never even knew existed.

That is exactly what our moon is like this month—except it’s not an illusion, but in fact very real.

This full moon is all about the climax point of a story that began months, or possibly even years ago.

The main factors of any lunar event are the aspects between the sun and moon.  This time, the sun is in the dreamy romantic sign of Pisces, and the moon is in independent and intelligent Virgo.

Virgo is a sign that often gets unfairly branded as being indecisive, but that is only because she waits to make a decision until all of the facts have been received.

Virgos would rather be the last one to make a decision, rather than make one they would only come to later regret.

The thing is that we have spent the past six months secretly gathering information to plan for this moment. We’ve watched from the sidelines, we’ve researched our options and we’ve done some major soul searching—and all that is going to be essential because we are nearing the climax of our story.

Every great story has a climatic point at which everything suddenly changes and not only are there surprise plot twists, but characters who we thought were gone suddenly come back and save the day.

The point is to be prepared for the unexpected—but more than that, prepare yourself to become spontaneous.

With this full moon not only does anything go, but anything and everything is possible.

Full moons tend to bring our underlying personal relationship issues to the surface.  It’s not that it exacerbates what wasn’t there, but more like the fullness of the moon is a reflection of our hearts.

And if our hearts aren’t fulfilled, then we become more aware of it during these lunar events and start searching for ways in which to remedy the situation.

It’s a time when we tend to look more inward at who we are and what kind of life that we truly want to lead.

During this moon, we are being asked if we really are willing to risk it all in order to have all we’ve always wanted.

However, there is a risk of overdoing it and trying to compensate for time lost.

Depending upon the ego’s stance in all that is attempting to change in our lives, there can also be some heavy emotions and possibly even anger coming out at the wrong moment, or worse, toward the incorrect person.

The one thing that would be beneficial to remember is that anger usually only covers other emotions. Instead of lashing out, consider where these feelings are truly coming from.

Have we become frustrated because things are going differently than we planned?

Are we feeling sadness from our apparent lack of control over external factors?

Or are we caught up in doing what we think we should be doing and neglecting our intuition in the process?

One of the most important emotional aspects of this moon is that there is some big cumulating energy here that ties back to whatever was going on in September for each of us.

It’s been six months of in-depth changes and a lot going on underneath a seemingly calm surface. Sometimes it’s been frustrating because it seems as if things haven’t been moving as fast as our egos would have liked.

But the thing that we have to remember is that even though things may look one way—the reality can be very different.

This time we are being asked to open our eyes to what we’ve previously chosen to stay blind to.

We are being asked if we just want to float along, or ride the hell out of whatever wave comes our way.

Being the first full moon in the Chinese Year of the Fire Monkey, it’s no surprise that we are up for some serious game changing energy.

Some full moons show us the light of truth and others help to shake us free some outdated routines and worn out patterns, but this moon is not just about changing the rules of the game, but the players too.

Simply speaking, the rule for this full moon is that there aren’t any.

Now, not only are we being shown where our heart lies, but we are being challenged to gamble everything for what we desire.

It is the time when the heat gets turned up just a bit more and we have to decide exactly how this will all end.

Yes, we are at the climax of our story.

Yes, there is a lot at stake.

But the final choice lies within each of us as to whether this will be the ending of a chapter, or just the point where all the pieces suddenly fell into place and we find the courage to take the steps into the life that we want to create.

If we can balance our emotions and listen to the truth in our heart, then we may fare on the side of winning whatever battle has been taking place.

But in order to do that, we need to go into this moon not just tipping our hat at the truth, but wallowing in it.

Absorbing it into our very being and then being prepared to do something about it.

It’s up to us to have made these past six months count for something—it’s up to us to decide that we aren’t going to stand in our own goddamn way of happiness any longer.

Not only are we ready for the next chapter of our lives, but we are welcoming it.

The truth is there has been a war over our hearts.

However, now is the time that we are being empowered to fight for what it is that we truly want.

And not give up until victory is ours.



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Author: Kate Rose

Editor: Caitlin Oriel

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13 Responses to “Full Moon in Virgo: The Climax Point in the War over Our Hearts.”

  1. Lisa says:

    Wow this really touched me. I’m a Virgo, left my husband last summer over a decade of feeling second priority to his job, family, friends & drinking. Even a pregnancy showed me his true colors & I hid my feelings instead of being a warrior for myself. I saw so much worth in him never spoke bad of him & always hoped things would get better…excuses ran through my brain daily. His anger & ego issues just slowly stripped away at my trust & self esteem. I still love him but I’m scared to go back ,my gut says take this as a painful life turning lesson & move on. I just signed papers, waiting on his response with a heavy heart. I deserve to find peace & my happy place with someone that sees my worth but I still feel like my best friend has died. This article made sense to me because I’m trying to turn the page with no regrets but the Virgo in me is so worried that I’m throwing away a history with a man that could possibly become the husband I’ve needed & wanted all these years. They say listen to your gut & my gut is scared of him, my heart longs for the good parts of my marriage & my head says take care of yourself… I’m in the final hour…

  2. Kadriya says:

    I think you did such a brave thing! I am proud of that. The fact that you recognize your worth and the desires of your heart is huge!

  3. Lisa says:


  4. Meg says:

    Lisa, I am sending you so much light and love! I’ve been going through a completely different yet strikingly similar situation over the past 6 months. I have just recently(as recent as one week ago) decided that given the choice between the many conflicting thoughts and messages that literally weighed down my entire being, I was going to tune into, listen to, and honor my “gut feeling” above all else. For me, the “gut feeling” has always been my most intuitive source of internal guidance. Acknowledging that is something that I mastered in early childhood, but was conditioned by the ego(fear) to suppress and ignore as I developed throughout my life. I hit a turning point when at the age of 28, I stopped using alcohol and pills to anesthetize my fear and my true feelings. I’ve been on a 3 1/2 year journey of psychical and emotional recovery. Through this process I’ve been able to release many blocks between my connection to my internal guidance system and intuitive source of truth/”my gut feeling”. At first I was only able to do so from looking back with the wisdom of hindsight regarding past events in which I strayed from my “gut feeling”. Exactly one week ago, after struggling and worrying over an incredibly important choice that I had to make regarding the direction of treatment and the path I would take to achieve optimal healing for an escalating health condition, I broke through all of the chatter/the noise of indecision and conflicting thoughts(and made a decision to also release myself from responsibility to appease anyone else’s opinion), and decided to fully honor my intuitive “gut feeling”. From the moment I chose to take faith in and follow the path and decision that my internal guidance system/my gut had been pulling me towards-EVERYTHING CHANGED! I felt a lightness of being that I had not experienced in over a year. The pieces of the great puzzle of how to even begin tackling the health challenge that lay ahead of me, suddenly started to fall into place piece by piece, because I could see what was in front of me-a feeling akin to turning on the internal defrost and wiping away the fog from my windows to see the path that l was on through a clear lense. Prior to this, I was stuck in the “freeze” setting of the flight/flight/freeze section. In the past week alone, I have been able to make tremendous tangible steps forward by continuing to tune in, listen, and to say yes-“yes and..” to the intuitive voice of my “gut feeling”. I share my own experience with you because I hear a very conscious and brave voice in you/your words and a situaton that resonates deeply within me. I am cheering you on in spirit/from the sidelines as you walk through your own pathVery best of wishes to you✨

  5. Shana says:

    Thank you for this-so encouraging! I’ve been stuck in a low paying job, trying everything to get out so I can support my little family. The truth is, I’ve recently had my novel published, and the climax of my story has GOT to be the day it goes viral, so I can spend my life writing spiritual fiction and changing the world! I can feel it coming-come on universe, prove me right!! Good luck to all who wish for better things this full moon-you deserve them!

  6. Susan says:

    I’m in the same place in my life, I feel like my body is in this fight with all the external things going on. I know things in the present are coming to and end and its time to turn page.

  7. brittany1christine says:

    This article makes me want to howl at the moon…oow ooow! Thank you so much – I am so incredibly excited (as a Virgo myself) to physically walk out of the waiting room and step into my power to create the life I've always wanted. It's scary but we can do this ! much love! <3

  8. vincentmelling says:

    Wow !

    Working on business ventures over the past 2+ years and now faced with challenging decisions about how much more to invest on project 1 or whether the opportunity on project 2 will come my way. This is so helpful. Thanks Kate

  9. Victoria says:

    Over the past week I felt very emotional about many things (I wish were different) in my life. Emotional to a point of helplessness. I am usually not like this – normal for me is positive, rational and contained. I confessed to a friend who said, you are more emotional because you are a Virgo and the full moon tomorrow (this was yesterday) is in Virgo. I was kind of relieved that I wasn’t losing myself and that it was more about the external energies affecting and guiding me. This article really confirmed that. Thank you for helping me cope with my state of mind and listing helpful ways for me to move on and deal with it. I felt like the last 6 mos were emotionally draining and I wasn’t dealing with them as I should but instead they just piled up at the back of my head and I feel that now they are exploding out of me making me face each and every one of them. I believe in my inner strength and this full moon I will be ready to start fighting for what I want. Thanks again.

  10. Jo time says:

    I'm in a suitation right now and this means so much to me been with my partner 14 years we have a daughter and the relationship is so bad and everything sound the same as yours I left and ended up coming back after a month as I missed him and long for those happy days and believed that now he new what it was like to lose me he would really try this time but he hasn't it's been worse and now I'm torn do I leave again ? He's goin through gambling issues and depressed but treats me and my daughter so badly ignores us hours name calls threatens us lies about us blames us !

  11. Emily says:

    I also felt connected to this article and I'm a Virgo too. And whats even more weird is that I am in the same predicament as yourself. My boyfriend and I broke up last summer but I've spent the last 6 months trying to work it out with him. In the years before the breakup I felt weak, unsupported, like I was tip toeing around him and his anger. I consider myself a strong independent woman but being with him, even though I love him, has been an emotional roller-coaster that has torn me apart. Tonight before I read this article I came to a realization, and set aside my denial to face the hurtful truth that nothing has changed in our relationship and that although I love him I deserve to live a full life with a partner that understands me. It is a hard thing to do to let the one you love go, to break his heart. It takes courage to stand up for yourself and cultivate the life you want. I'm happy that you found this courage and hearing your story after stumbling on this article has coincidentally given me strength in my final hour.

  12. Ness says:

    Thanks Lisa , I feel like you have just desctibed m’y relationship and my life there…I am Virgo too. But I think that doing the first is the hardest and you did that already…what will happen next is all written now, you will just go with the flow 🙂 I am so glad I read you…I hope to have the courage you had by leaving this life that was not serving you…I still have hope that my partner will realize and be the man I always hoped for and put his ego aside but I know deep inside that it won’t happen…I have waited too long already, about a decade too, just like you , I really wish I had your strenght and courage…proud of you Virgo girlfriend 🙂

  13. Sam says:

    I’m a Virgo as well and even before I found out the moon was over Virgo, I knew that it was going to mean something. I’ve always had an attraction to the moon, obsessed with its beauty that doesn’t get old.

    Reading all the comments I realize that I am somewhat on the same boat, with the man in my life. Feeling unappreciated, wrongly treated, just like the 4-5 comments other women have posted. But as much as I can agree to feeling like that, I also know that I play a role in how my partner is towards me. I am the kind of person who expects a lot, because to me most of the things I expect other to do without question, are just things I believe are obvious. I’m seeing a pattern of expecting a lot, and not feeling loved. But I am and one thing that my partner has made me realize is that it’s not worth the trouble and I should be more understanding of the life my partner is living and how, just like me he is trying to fulfill his destiny and be with someone he cares for.

    I actually just finished arguing with him, and it was the worst time to do it. But I can’t leave feeling tucked away like I did when I was younger, so I let that cloud my judgement and now I feel bad for arguing so late..

    I think sometimes we need to take a few deep breaths and ask our selves if it is truly worth wasting a day, another day where your partner feels cornered and confused and angry. Just because we think they are being this and that, well we were part of the equation, part of the out come and MUST be part of the solution.

    Just say what you feel, and listen to their explanation, and never rise your voice! Don’t bring anything back from any time past last night!!

    So take care ladies and instead of arguing or looking at your partner, why not just do your own thing until they come around, we must be able to be happy with ourselves otherwise there will always be problems with others.