February 16, 2016

Discover How Interesting You Are: You Will Be Pleasantly Surprised!

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Everybody knows about bucket lists, they provide a powerful way to access the future.

But when you are ready for a break from what isn’t yet, consider a “What the f**k was I thinking?” list or conversation.

It turns out that the best and worst times from your past provide powerful fodder for conversation, amusement and laughter. And those times are accessed easily by pondering times that you were inspired by some out of the box thinking that led you down the garden path or into embarrassing situations.

Like the time that I ran a marathon without training. Yes, 26 miles and 352 yards without even running once in preparation. I planned on training, really I did. Seems that after the run I did sort of a reverse training, my thighs, calves, ankles and feet hurt for over six months before getting back to doing their usual job without protest.

This was not one of my best moments…

What the f**k was I thinking?

I was ferrying to Friday Harbor, Washington for a two week hypnotherapy workshop. At the bow of the big boat I met Mike. He was headed to the workshop as well. An evangelical Christian Mike said, “We homeschool our kids.”

“I do too,” I replied.

I had never heard of homeschooling, but it sounded like a grand idea. My daughter was only two at the time, but now, many years later I have homeschooled both of my kids and have, if I do say so myself, a couple of independent, deep thinking, loving adults I am very proud of.

This was an outside the box moment.

What the f**k was I thinking?

There was the time too that I suggested a threesome with the woman I was dating that included her daughter.

What the f**k was I thinking?

Chat “what the f**k was I thinking” up with your lover

Talking with my girlfriend last night she mentioned the time that she married a fellow she had nothing in common with and didn’t even particularly like. His politics were way off hers and she was far too immature to have any idea of what she was signing up for. He did own a VW bus, which she suggests that had something to do with her liking him.

She remained married for 24 years and while she won’t call it a blunder, it does look like a waste of time to her…

What the f**k was she thinking?

At 52, she found herself single with two grown kids. She sold her house and all her belongings that wouldn’t fit in a compact car. She drove from Georgia to Connecticut without any idea where she would live. She had an executive job waiting for her, but stayed in a hotel for weeks.

Now she finds herself in a sea side cottage in Old Saybrook, her job is continually rewarding and she owns more things than will fit in her car.

What the f**k was she thinking?

Tapping the power of not knowing

Looking back, it is often the things we do that just don’t make any logical or rational sense that spice up our lives. And talking about these things draws attention to how daring we are when we stretch ourselves.

Every, “What the f**k was I thinking?” event is chock full of not knowing but going for it anyway. You can’t take any of these back so you might as well share them with others as a great way to get to know each other.

At lunch today my daughter and I spoke of, “What the f**k was I thinking?” moments. It is a great way to get to know somebody you already know well and to shed light on aspects of life that you might have forgotten.

Predicting what you will do

“What the f**k was I thinking?” moments are often predictive, indicating what sorts of things you might do or not do in the future. Getting them out in the open by speaking about them might have them release some of their influence increasing what is possible for you in the future.

They can be downright inspiring:

My friend John speaks of being in college, living the high life and readying himself for med school. He was a great test taker and without blinking went on to become one of the first people in the country to be both a medical doctor and an attorney.

He surely did a lot of thinking to pick up those two degrees when one or none is enough for most people.

What the f**k was he thinking?

John is now a retired ER doctor. He studies a lot, keeping up his credentials and gaining new ones, enjoying intellectual input as much as he ever did and remaining medically astute.

What the f**k should you talk about?

Sometimes on a first date, with someone you don’t know well, business associates or at a family gathering conversation can become strained. No need for small talk.

That is when a “What the f**k was I thinking?” conversation is likely to break the ice, provide some instant intimacy or lead things in much more interesting directions.

Everybody’s interesting given half a chance and, “What the f**k was I thinking?” conversations offer that chance. Have one today, and feel free to share your stories in the comment section below this blog.

“What the f**k was I thinking?” moments remind you that you have had an interesting life worth living, they can be inspiring and daring too.

Have a, “What the f**k was I thinking?” conversation soon and often. Heck, call a friend right now or roll over and talk to your spouse if you have one.



Author: Jerry Stocking

Editor:  Travis May

Image: Flickr/pedrosimoes7

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