Awakening Hope. {Poem}

Via Ella Langer
on Mar 9, 2016
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woman behind a window

You begin your story with unspoken words, feelings, messiness, wildness, voiceless emotions, entanglement

And you stay until your heart has become a flame and your armour unguarded.

A blank slate

words unspoken

Desperate to make sense

of the chaos within.

To disentangle

All the fallen pieces

That bind together

Into memories.


That are etched in our blood

Stained in our skin

And tattooed in our souls

Repressed deep within

drowning in our depths

Scattering for answers

Answers that only

The universe can only unfold.

In time


The unspoken words will echo.

They will combust in sounds

And unleash their innermost vulnerabilities.

And our cries of desperation

Will awaken

Through a spark of light

That has blinded it soul.

And that blank slate

Will be touched

And things





So seemingly


Begin to




Author: Ella Langer

Editor: Emily Bartran

Photo: Nicole Mason/Unsplash


About Ella Langer

Ella Langer lives in Toronto Canada. She is a mom to an affectionate sweet-loving 6 year old boy who is her everything.

After graduating university with an honours in psychology and working with children for over a decade, Ella is now redefining her path in pursuing her passion. Writing has always been a part of her life since she was 6 when she got her first journal. She is now pursuing what she values most in sharing her words, thoughts, feelings and expressing her soul to heal herself and reach out to the world.

As a freedom seeker, determined, intense and passionate person that she is, Ella finds that the importance of living in the moment and finding your “happy place” and going there every day it what makes her complete.


One Response to “Awakening Hope. {Poem}”

  1. Simple. Potent. Love it.