How I Got My Period Back After Not Having it for A Year.

Via Allison Dryja
on Mar 26, 2016
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My period was always irregular. I wouldn’t get it for months, then I would bleed anywhere from two days to two weeks.

Once, it lasted for an entire month.

But once after not getting my period for a year, I found out I had polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS). PCOS is an increasingly common condition that can slow or stop the release of eggs from the ovaries, preventing menstruation and reducing fertility. It’s typically treated with medication, but I wanted to see if I could heal myself naturally.

After only a few months, I healed my PCOS. My period came back. It’s now synced with the full moon and last five to seven days. Given the proper conditions, my body knew how to heal itself, and I didn’t need medication at all.

Here are five key things I did to cure my PCOS and bring my period back:

1. Balance Blood Sugar

Our blood sugar affects our hormones. When we eat sweets or carbohydrates, blood sugar levels spike and crash, which has a negative impact on maintaining a healthy hormonal balance.

Being mindful of blood sugar can not only help bring your period back, it can also make you feel better. Avoid too many sweets, eat plenty of protein, ease up on coffee and alcohol, and keep low-sugar, low-carb snacks handy in case blood sugar drops.

2. Reduce Stress and Stress-Eating

Normal bodily functions can get thrown out of whack when we’re not relaxed. If you are stressed a lot, your body may not feel “safe” to menstruate.

I used to live in a constant state of anxiety, which would manifest in an absent period, chronic constipation, and excess belly weight.

I would manage my stress by overeating or drinking alcohol. Both of these activities puts strain on blood sugar, which throws hormonal levels off balance.

Learning how to slow down, relax, and eat according to hunger levels has been a pivotal step in getting my period back and regular.

3. Have More Orgasms

Orgasms offer amazing health benefits to women: they improve circulation, increase relaxation, and can even help you look younger! They also stabilize hormones, and according to Alisa Vitti, creator of FLOliving, “Women who have intercourse at least once a week are more likely to have normal menstrual cycles than women who are celibate or who have infrequent sex.”

Whether you’re single or in a relationship, I recommend starting a self-pleasure practice. Weekly is good, but daily is better. Self-pleasure not only provides all the amazing health benefits mentioned, but the act itself also deepens your bond with your body, making you more sensitive to subtle stressors that could disrupt your physical wellbeing.

4. Dance

Something magical happens to women when we dance. We tap into our inherent sensuality, pleasure, and physical power. We also increase circulation throughout belly, hips, and pelvis, and connect with the natural flowing movement of our bodies.

For me, dancing has been essential to getting my period back. I believe that moving energy through my body with dance every day—even for only five minutes—has encouraged my body to embrace its own natural, cyclical flow.

5. Embrace Femininity

For years I was ashamed to be a woman. I thought being a woman made me weak, mentally scattered, and overly emotional. I saw my period as an inconvenience, and I felt embarrassed of my sexuality and curvy figure, to the point that I always tried to be stick-thin and I even got a breast reduction.

I was trying to adopt a masculine way of being and doing, and my period did not come back until I learned how to take a more feminine approach.

I learned to embrace my femininity by slowing down, spending time in nature, studying Tantra, and working with mentors and coaches to heal old wounds and harmful judgements around being “dirty” and “wrong.”

I began to feel good in my body and understand the benefits of being a woman, such as our ability to create and attract what we want by being. I saw the gift in our softness, our sensitivity, and our access to deep insight and intuition.

I saw that physical weakness as no longer a weakness, but rather a deeper capacity for feeling and love.

The fact that our wombs can cleanse and renew themselves monthly is truly miraculous. If your body has stopped this process, it may be inviting you to slow down and treat your body like the miracle it is. It may be guiding you on a path to reclaiming your own femininity. It may be leading you home.





Author:  Allison Dryja

Editor: Renée Picard

Image: Ales Motyl/Flickr 



About Allison Dryja

Allison is a Body Love Coach who empowers women by helping them love and listen to their bodies. She believes that reconnecting with our bodies is especially important as we step into our power as women and take more active roles in bringing healing balance to the planet. Allison offers group and 1×1 coaching for women who struggle with emotional eating, embracing their femininity, feeling pleasure, or who are simply looking to rekindle a loving relationship with their body. Allison also teaches yoga and leads monthly Full Moon Circles in Brooklyn, New York.


5 Responses to “How I Got My Period Back After Not Having it for A Year.”

  1. VeganInPinkStil.. says:

    This is my first time to leave a comment because this topic hits right home and I would also like to thank you for sharing your story- I hope it helps many women most especially teens. I hope it gets shared more.
    My story was mainly on diet- plantbased healed me. I know this sounds like propaganda- but for those who wants to honestly do their best and help their bodies–commit even for 3 months and see/feel your body heal.
    Unlike you, I suffered for 5 years until I was able to heal it. I gained so much pounds and felt bloated. Almost 10 years ago, PCOS was not that common and when I was diagnosed I felt really alone and lost. There is so much negative stuff including the infertility word whenever I google it, which made me really depressed (and eat more). What also made me more depressed was having to take pills and metformin every day even if I seriously felt sick on it. That was not healing your body- whenever I stop taking meds, my period will also stop.
    I healed my PCOS when I shifted to a plantbased diet. One month after going plantbased-my period is back to normal. Bodies can heal. Takes commitment and support from live ones. (Instagram -Vegan In Pink Stilettos).

  2. Ashleigh says:

    I just wanted to thank you Allison for sharing this with all of us! I too was diagnosed with PCOS after having some concerns with the irregularity of my period. Just like VeganInPinkStilletos, I was diagnosed when I was just 13, a little over 11 years ago, when PCOS was so rarely diagnosed that one of my doctors literally told my mom they needed to read an article about it and get back to us at another appointment. I suffered from many of the common symptoms as a teenager and it was an extremely emotional thing to deal with because NOONE ever talked about it with me. I was prescribed medications and sent on my way, never fully understanding what was going on inside my body. My breaking point came only a year ago, at the age of 23, when a doctor asked me to describe my ideal body image if I was the “perfect woman in the next room” and when I described someone similar to myself, was corrected, because the perfect woman would weigh almost 80lbs less than me. When I reassured the doctor that was easier said than done with PCOS, he laughed. YES LAUGHED. It was humiliating to say the least, but in a way was incredibly eye opening. It made me realize how ill educated people are on the topic and how incredibly important it is for those of us who have PCOS to speak up about it in hopes of helping others with it who, just like myself, were never really talked to about it. We need to teach each other not to hide it from others because society has taught us not to be open about our bodies. In the last year, it’s people and articles like this one that have taught me there is more that I can do for my body to control my PCOS… That it’s important to embrace my body and not be ashamed of it. I think more articles like yours will encourage many women to do the same! Thank you!

  3. Hey mama, thank you so much for your comment. It's so important that we can share our experiences and what's worked for us so other women don't feel alone and prolong their condition. Wow, it's incredible you were able to heal yourself with a plant-based diet! I was also prescribed Metformin, which I never took. I'm sorry it made you sick…

    Thanks for sharing your message and I hope that lots of other women can benefit from what you've gone through. The body can indeed heal itself when given the proper conditions. Sounds like plants were exactly what you need! Amazing!

    Thanks again for your comment, and I'm so glad to know there are other women on this path committed to taking responsibility for our health.

    With love and gratitude,


  4. Ashleigh,

    Thank you SO much for this thoughtful comment and for sharing your experience as a woman with PCOS for many years. Wow, I am shocked that a doctor a) asked you what your ideal body image was, b) told you you were wrong, and c) laughed! That's really wild! Way to go for noticing it wasn't right. It's so easy in our culture to listen to doctors or other people in authority without questioning what they say… it sounds like this was an experience that really helped you see how little some people know, even if they're in positions of power. And it sounds like it also showed you how much more connected you're desiring to be with your own body. Indeed, there is NO NEED to be ashamed of our bodies, no matter what their size, shape, or condition. I'm so glad this article resonates with you and gives you hope that we can change how our bodies are perceived — not only by society, but also by ourselves.

    Thanks again for sharing your story, Ashleigh!

    Sending lots of love,


  5. I’m so sad because I didn’t back my menstruation period after 1 year & more…. Because at the age of 14 I had an extreme diet that cause my body so thin…
    then now I’m 15 years old and my body come back to normal & now I’m not skinny but I didn’t make my menstruation back 🙁