March 17, 2016

Nature Needs Us as Much as We Need Nature.


Nature is in Danger.

I know, we live in a world where we are told constantly to “Go Green,” recycle, not idle our cars and to combine our trips. We should do these things, but it can get a little old hearing about it in the same way all the time.

Now, there is a new way that allows us to get our YouTube fix and learn about what we can do to help.

Conservation.org has started a new campaign to give Nature a voice, allowing Nature to “speak” its view of us as we continue to take more from what Nature doesn’t have to offer. This is done using beautiful shots of various locations and the voices of actors and actresses willing to lend their voice to Nature.

These “voices” offer perspectives from the Redwoods to the Rainforest and highlight the importance of each location.

Below is my personal favorite. The Mountains are my home, no matter the mountain range. I can go there to escape, to exercise, and to find myself in a world that seems too noisy at times.

The other videos can be found on their website under Nature is Speaking.



Author: Mercedes Trujillo

Image: Author’s Own

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