March 24, 2016

One thing I do in bed every night all night that has changed my life.


Figured I ought to pass this on.

For years, I have worked on a computer. Ouch! My shoulders and neck rise up over the course of the hours and hours at my laptop, until I look like a T-Rex, only without the big teeth. All little scrunched up shoulders and little arms. I was in pain. Yoga, climbing, bicycling, stretching…acupuncture–all have helped, but not enough. Back pain, neck pain, even headaches. Pain. For years. The kind of pain that makes you old and grumpy.

Then, my friend Jean casually said: “roll up a towel, tightly but not too tightly,” like a big towel burrito, and sleep on that. Whether laying down on my back or sides, I position that towel just above my shoulders, below my skull. It keeps my head and shoulders from fusing into one.

Now, I sleep like a baby that sleeps well, and rise like a lion, ready to tame the world. Thank you, Jean!

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Read 9 comments and reply

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