March 29, 2016

Sarah Silverman Gives the Low-Down on Bernie.

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Let’s face it: When it comes to politics, the last people we should be listening to are rich actors who are out of touch with the everyday, nine-to-five struggles of you and I, right?

Well, not always.

Sometimes people in the entertainment industry are so down to earth and so tuned in that we just have to smile when we hear what they have to say.

Comedienne Sarah Silverman is one of those people. She’s never been known to stand tall in an ivory tower. In fact, she has built her career on finding the absurd in the little moments of all of our lives. She’s also stood up for voters’ rights and promoted women in politics and presented controversial issues like racism, religion, and misogyny in ways that make us laugh while we think.

That’s part of why this video Sarah did on presidential candidate Bernie Sanders is so great. Silverman plain-talks her way through some of the core aspects of the Sanders campaign, including corporate contributions, the definition of social democracy, and Bernie’s long history of sticking to his laurels on issues like civil rights, education and war.

“Good lord,” she says. “Don’t worry! Under President Sanders, you can still become a super rich asshole. It’s just that your fellow hard-working citizens don’t have to feed their children cat food in order for you to do it.”


Check it out, and share if you’d like!

And whoever your political leanings follow, don’t forget to vote. It’s your right, and it’s your life.





Author: Amanda Christmann

Editor: Travis May

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