March 11, 2016

What Ends Struggle?

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Your life is structured in consciousness.

This is a fundamental realization of all wisdom traditions—but, you don’t need to believe it. In fact, we suggest that you don’t believe it. Rather—discover, experience and know.

It’s easy to confirm this realization for yourself.

Just notice how the pattern of your thoughts and emotions form (and de-form) your life experiences. Once you see this, you know that transforming your life begins with transforming the patterning of your inner consciousness.

In moments of clarity this realization is obvious.

But when people around you are being oh so impossible—this wisdom sounds like so much woo-woo fluff.

And the voice in your head agrees: “Patterns of consciousness? Don’t make me laugh. It’s these people—these real people, not intangible patterns of consciousness —that are the real obstacle.”

There’s no arguing with the voice in your head…

Arguing with that voice just intensifies its emotional insistence. Arguing with the voice generates more thoughts and more emotions. And then, the patterns of consciousness that limit you become more entrenched. You find yourself replaying the same unsatisfactory dramas—in your work, in your relationships, in your life.

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Patterns of consciousness aren’t transformed by struggle.

You can’t wrestle outmoded patterns to the ground. You can’t overpower them. The more you struggle with them—the stronger they get.
 So how can you transform the patterns that hold you back?

It’s easier than you think.

There is a radiant intelligence within you that knows how to release these out-moded patterns. When this radiance touches a pattern of consciousness, that pattern softens—and opens.

The radiance itself facilitates transformation.

It knows exactly how to free you from the patterns of limitation so you can—without effort—live with greater freedom, joy and creativity. It knows how to free your consciousness from outmoded repetitive patterns, and thus, open you to receive a life-transforming insight.

Insight is not a thought.

Insight isn’t something you think up. It’s not a scheme or a strategy. Insight is a whole-body, whole-hearted revelation that releases and re-patterns your consciousness.

It’s the inevitable result of communing with the radiance. Insight ushers you into a new pattern of creativity—a new way of being—a new life.

You can’t force insight.

But you can cultivate the conditions that make you available, open and receptive to the radiant intelligence within. You can—through spiritual practice—release the patterns of the past and receive the insights that will transform your life.


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Author: Eric Klein

Editor: Yoli Ramazzina

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