June 4, 2016

If You Ever Feel Alone.

Flickr/Pawel Pacholec

If you ever feel alone—listen to the trees.

If you ever feel alone, watch the trees and the grass sway in the wind,

Feel a gust of wind blowing through your hair,

Watch the bugs crawl in and out of the ground,

Feel the grass beneath your feet.

Watch the clouds slowly drift above you, carrying the rain to shower down on you.

Breathe in oxygen from the trees.

Watch the sun glisten on a lake, and watch birds fly above you.

Feel the sun nourishing you, as it also nourishes the plants and animals.

Remember that everything around you is alive and constantly speaking to you—

You just have to listen closely enough to hear it.

Love is often thought of as the words and actions of one human being to another,

But love is sometimes more quiet.

Sometimes, love is mother nature giving you a beautiful, technicolor sunrise over a mountain range.

Sometimes, love is the feeling of sand between your toes, ocean water in your hair and sun on your back.

If you ever feel alone, remember that the earth is with you, in every moment and in every breath.

Because you are alive, you are not alone.


Author: Nina Hessell

Editor: Yoli Ramazzina

PhotoFlickr/Pawel Pacholec

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