June 4, 2016

Imagining Our Life into Existence.

Making Sense When Our Heroes Die

I had an epiphany this morning while sitting quietly, thinking to myself.

It began with the thought:

Why am I thinking so much?

Thinking only limits my potential for free thought. What I really needed to be doing is imagining! You know? Our imagination is limitless.

Have you ever quieted your mind just to hear a whisper, and that whisper held a secret that you never would have heard with all the chatter going on in your head?

Well that’s exactly what happened during my meditation session today. Out of nowhere I heard:

“We all have to feel pain, and understand the lessons from it. The universe isn’t out to ruin you. In order to be the best version of ourselves, we have to be humbled, and that means breaking down so we can rebuild ourselves to rise higher in our quest for divine greatness.”

I’ve been under a lot of stress lately, and have been dealing with a lot of misfortune: losing my house, my job, and my family, and having to literally start over.

Even though I lost so much, I never got caught up in my own thoughts, which would only limit my options on how to get out of the situation I was put in. With the understanding that our imagination is thought in its purest form, I didn’t have to worry about the overthinking that creates limits caused by the conscious mind.

We create our reality by how we think. So if I’m in control of how my reality is shaped, I definitely don’t want it limited by simply thinking discursively. Why not use my imagination instead. Our world is a reflection of us, and we are a reflection of what we see. While my thoughts were all over the place, I simply couldn’t think clear enough to see a path for me to follow. I was caught up in the moment, and the chaos around me. I couldn’t think beyond myself. Everything was a constant refrain of: Why me?

Until, that is, I allowed my mind to go beyond my limiting thoughts, and looked at myself from a third-person perspective. There, I was able to see that there was order among the chaos, and I was actually calm. My mind on the other hand was In panic mode until I started imagining what could be. During this realization I started coming up with new ideas, and plans for a better future. A place of new beginnings, where all things were possible. Maybe I’ll write a book or take some time off, and travel somewhere—anywhere! I mean, why not?

In the process of losing everything, I learned that I had the freedom to write a new chapter in my life. No longer did I have the weight of all the responsibilities that had stood in the way of my pursuit of happiness. I did find myself in an awkward position: I felt like a kid again. Free, and full of curiosity. Nothing was the same, and yet everything felt familiar.

How good could life really be?

Well that depends on how great I can be.

I learned about energy one day, and that we attract the energy we put out. So no matter what obstacles I have to overcome, staying as positive as I can will produce positive outcomes. Oh yes, I will always remember that terrible word doubt. Doubt will destroy everything you wish to accomplish. If anybody knows about doubt it’s me. Once upon a time I feared that I would never be successful at anything. Even though people would tell me how great I am, and to continue being me, later I would discover those words were the best advice I could ask for.

The courage, and confidence that comes from others praising me for being me gave me the motivation to maximize my full potential. Not in an egotistical way, but more of a humbled accomplishment vibe. I understood that when we imagine we are looking beyond the bigger picture, we are creators, and architects of a reality that is designed by our beliefs. We should never be afraid to start over again. Never regret where we came from, and always be grateful for the lessons learned. Our new adventure will be better than the last, and we could always remember that we are where we are now for a reason.

A lot of us feel lost when we don’t want to accept our surroundings, even though we create what we see, and we are a reflection of everything around us. So when we feel lost what we are really saying is that we haven’t found ourselves. Who am I? That is a question that takes some deep, inner understanding. Well, I am everything. Just imagine what we can become when we open our minds to the possibilities that everything is possible.

I had a dream one night that felt so real that there was no way of convincing me otherwise. After so many reoccurring dreams that I learned later are termed “lucid dreaming,” there came a time where I couldn’t decipher what was a dream, and what was reality. I began drifting off during the day fascinated by the idea that my dreams, and what we call reality were one and the same. I discovered that I could take control of my dream the same way I could take control of our shared reality.

Ever since that day all I do is imagine the reality I wish to create.





Author: Jon Davis

Image: Movie Still

Editor: Travis May


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