July 27, 2016

After all the Battles we have Faced, how dare they Reduce us to the Inches around our Waists? {Poem & Video}

Immune Poem Video Screen Shot

After all the battles we have faced, how dare they reduce us to the inches around our waists.

Good morning, sunshine.
Wake up beautiful.
Wake up and smile.

Embrace that magnificent body—
caress each inch around your waist,
love every wrinkle upon your face.
Transcend the endless projections of somebody else’s perfection.

Wake up.

Wake up and support your sisters.
Do not compete, or tear them down—
Rise above your programming.
Vanquish the vitriol.
Relinquish the pressure, the stress, the spite, the load, the ego, the weight.

Let it go.

Raise your sisters up in love.
For together we are power.
For together we prevail.
Be brave. Be fierce. Be strong.
Unleash your inner goddess.
Liberate you. Liberate me. Liberate us from someone else’s fantasy.

Wake up to love.


I would now like to share the life-affirming, empowering, beautiful video that inspired this vignette. Thank you, Alessandro Sigismondi for composing this phenomenal video and thank you, Natasha Moskovici, for sharing your beautiful, strong, earth-shattering poetry with me. I am infinitely grateful for you and your work.


My soul recognizes your soul, I honor the light, love, beauty, truth, and kindness within you.



Author: Christy Cole

Image: Screenshot from video

Editor: Renée Picard / Apprentice Editor: Sarah Crosky


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