July 30, 2016

“Louisville Jail humiliates Black Woman by Bringing Her to Court With No Pants.” [Adult content]

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“Am I in the Twilight Zone?”

“Hi, this the judge from courtroom 102, how are you today?”

“This is completely inhumane.” For more. But this is the must-read.

This judge represents the promise of America: respect for all individuals. This prison system represents the worst—abuse and neglect of the weak.

“That judge demonstrated sound rationale and clear moral fibre — it’s sad that we’ve gotten to a stage where this must be highlighted and applauded when it should be the default behaviour of those applying the law.” ~ Zeeshan Muhammad

“HOLY SHIT!! It seemed like the judge wanted to tell her to hire a lawyer, but she stopped her self and said “I probably shouldn’t say that, that’s inappropriate”. Super cool judge!!” ~ redditor

“That judge is awesome. The public defender is useless. She agreed to 75 day jail time for a first offense of shop lifting!” ~ redditor

“Nobody is commenting on the fact that she was prevented from getting feminine products. That is would be SO much more humiliating and frustrating than just having no pants but it’s made 100 times worse with having no pants. To me, that is the worst part. Poor woman.” ~ redditor

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Read 25 comments and reply

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