August 27, 2016

A Love Poem to the Hopeless.

Flickr/Emilio García

I know that it did not have to be like this.

But I also know that nothing lasts forever.

I keep getting these fleeting visions of dancing in the sunshine—
A transparent haze and the hopeful let go.

To release and joyfully flail in a sea of arms and legs twisting regrets and expectations into tiny knots until they just disappear.

To just be.

So we race toward the sunset climax, hearts pounding, sweat dripping off us like ripened fruit down the gentle curve of your collar bone.

Your hopes float before us like a morning dew haze.
The could haves,
The would haves,
The should have beens.

You are the strongest person I know.

I saw the fire in your eyes the first time I met you.
A blaze of green and blue and beauty like lit flames as you spoke about everything and nothing all at once.

And twice as fast.

I picked up on your energy and it settled beneath my bones. I rode on the waves of your heart swell and heartbreak.

The lunar cycle has nothing on you.

If lava could be molten in a moment then harden and crack, the next,
I would jump from piece to peace with you.

But we didn’t.

Because that’s not how these things work.
Someone has to lose.

Eventually we all die.

And even though your heart held the most, it broke the most too.
So I’ll forever be picking up the pieces of you.




Author:  Elyse Sinclair

Image:  Flickr/Emilio Garcia

Editor: Travis May

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