August 9, 2016

“Go Home to Mommy!” Right on, Donald.

Youtube NBC News/ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ske9LerkhUc

“Go home to Mommy!” Trump shouted at a protester during a rally on March 7, 2016, in Concord, North Carolina.

Well, I know you won’t believe this, but I love what you said, Donald.

Though of course, you wouldn’t expect someone like me, the touchy-feely-all-you-need-is-love type to love anything you say. And of course what I like about what you said is not exactly what you meant by those words, “Go home to Mommy.”

You seem to think they are the perfect putdown.

But I’ll tell you why I love that phrase anyway. Because “going home to mommy”, to Mother, to the Feminine, is exactly what we need to do more than anything. Yes, let’s all get as far away as we can from these lethal extremes of disconnection and aggression. Let’s go home to the Feminine, to the nurturance that holds and sustains life for every one of us. Every woman and every man on the planet, including you, Donald.

Thank you Donald, for giving me the perfect opportunity to say something I have wanted to say for a long time. I never cease to be amazed at how many verbal attacks use the feminine as an insult.

Honestly, Donald, do you not remember that you were born of a mother, that you have sisters and daughters? Do you never wonder why women, who carry us all from our very inception, women, who give us our only source of food and protection for the first nine months of life, are so thoughtlessly and thoroughly vilified, debased, and assaulted in our society?

Putting down a protester by sending him “home to Mommy” is yet another reminder that debasing the feminine is accepted as a form of verbal castration. It is yet another nail in the coffin of women and all that the feminine represents—nurturance, receptivity, vulnerability, and inclusiveness.

If ever there was a time in human history when we needed to “Go home to Mommy,” it is now.

Thank you so much for reminding us. Daddy has had his turn and it was good. And by Daddy, I don’t mean men per se. I mean the masculine energy of action and assertion. All that testosterone got us to explore our planet, devise amazing technologies, overcome gravity, understand the workings of the body to ease pain and prolong life.

I certainly don’t want Daddy to go away. We need that testosterone—of course we do. But Mommy has not just faded to the background; she is the object of your insults, she’s been pushed to the floor, beaten, and shoved into a courtroom where she can barely be heard over the picketers outside. And your put-down shamelessly adds to the heavy blanket of repression the feminine already labors under.

You see, Donald, that same testosterone that pushes us to discover new territory, new cures and new food sources also drives us to dominate, conquer and slaughter each other and our Mother Earth, with weapons and technologies that can now destroy life as we know it—that can make our planet uninhabitable for everyone, including you.

I’m not sure you get that, Donald.

Going home to Mommy is really all that can save us now. Going home to the understanding that we are really in this together and that we must take care of everyone and the nest that holds us—Mother Earth.

That is our only hope.

Human survival is no longer purely a matter of food gathering and protection from the elements and predators. We have created and must now struggle to survive in a highly complex and increasingly threatening emotional, psychological, intellectual and spiritual habitat as well. But these threats are not external or out of our control like a drought, ice age or plague. We created the biggest threats to our own survival. And those threats are a result of the extreme separation between men and women, between the masculine and the feminine in our own psyches and our own actions. And knowingly or not, you are contributing to that great and lethal divide, Donald.

What animal in nature does not take utmost care of the female? Does not instinctively know that its survival is dependent on protection of the mother of all life and its young? What male animal in nature is not working in cooperation with the female to provide the best hope of survival for its species? What animal in nature is so out of touch with this one fundamental necessity that it actively assaults the mother? None as far as I can see—none but us.

So shout it louder, Donald. It is the one thing you’ve said that I agree with (except, not the way you said it.)

“Go Home to Mommy!”

Please, let’s all go home now—before it’s too late.



Author: Phyllis E. Leavitt

Image: NBC News / Youtube & torbakhopper / Flickr

Editor: Sara Kärpänen

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