August 12, 2016

I Whisper Sweet Nothings to My Plants.


mason jar plants

I have several plants in my little apartment.

Some have names—some I just call “Love” or “Darling” or “Look at how big you’re getting!

My dad owned plant nurseries when I was growing up. One time we did this experiment with two trays of seedlings. We placed them outside in the same exact weather conditions, gave them the same amount of water and fertilized both as needed—except we’d talk to or meditate with one tray. With the other, we’d just stay neutral and do our job. The tray of seedlings that we sat with or talked to, grew exponentially. The leaves were always bright and full of color, they almost seemed—happy. The other tray grew at a normal rate but slower than the one we fed with our company and love.

I took this experiment beyond the walls of the nursery and into to the outside world. I never did this with a second thought or with purpose—it seemed to be ingrained. I watched the things in my life that I gave positive attention to rapidly flourish. It also gave me a keen awareness of the life around me.

All of my friends in high school would laugh when I’d stop while we were walking and shut my eyes to feel the wind on my face or reach out my arms to give the world a hug. I wouldn’t even realize that I had stopped sometimes. They blamed it on my ADD—I thought they were crazy for not wanting to feel the earth.

This all came into my memory when I came across this simple YouTube video yesterday about Planting Seeds of Mindfulness from one of our greatest teachers Thich Nhat Hanh:

After watching this, I realized that my Dad planted the seeds of mindfulness in me at a young age through experiments like the seedling trays and sitting quietly. It made me remember the importance of doing these things and to continue this practice today with others and improve upon my own.

Today I greet the wind, the clouds, the sun and the surrounding trees with love and attention. I do this everyday when I leave my apartment, as if I have never seen these things before. Practicing this with loved ones, strangers and people that I am in disharmony with has proved to be the greatest challenge—yet incredibly rewarding.

I hope to never lose touch with this important lesson of mindfulness. We must always remember to whisper sweet nothings to all of the life on Earth that surrounds us—to plant and nourish our healthy seeds with gratitude and care.




Plant the Love: 7 Ways to Respect our Rooted Friends.


Author: Cori Carlo

Image: Flickr/Forsaken Fotos

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