August 4, 2016

Melania Trump posed nude—that’s her choice. But GOP can never again slut-shame.

Melania Trump’s nude model photos: “she has nothing to be ashamed of.” {Adult}


“So many firsts. Have we ever seen a first lady nude before?” ~ Reddit <>

And: plagiarism, worked illegally here.

It’s a new low, perhaps. Particularly following Michelle, whose speech Melania so infamously plagiarized.

It’s one of those things. She has nothing to be ashamed of—she was a model, and might still be if she were active in the field. Nudity is God-given, or mom n’daddy given—we’re all born wearing our birthday suit.

We’ve long seen her racy photos come to the fore from time to time—and it’s long been rumored that her girl-on-girl nude photos would come up at some point. So this is no big deal—and at the same time, this certainly marks the first time a would-be First Lady (or First Gent, for that matter) has such a…nude, and publicly so, past.

Relephant read: “You have the wrong body for Ballet.”

And…”How to Actually be Sexy,” by Amy Jones.

We’re leaving out the fully nude images, for obvious reasons (you know, it’s not necessary).

“On Sunday, the New York Post ran a photo of a naked (but “starred”-out) Melania Trump photo with the somewhat clumsy headline “The Ogle Office” on its cover. One day later, it’s cover boasted of “exclusive photos” of Melania’s “menage a Trump.” The paper splashed images of a young, twenty-something Melania entirely in the nude, and in some cases, with another naked young woman wrapped around her.”



That said, there is a double-standard in Trumpland:


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Relephant bonus: Playboy Yoga. 

Great read: Are you a Naked Person?

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