October 27, 2016

The Black Eyed Peas’ “Where is the Love” Remix brings up a Chorus of Hate.

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Everything about the remix of “Where is the Love” is perfection. Everything.

It couldn’t have been released at a more perfect time. As I sat listening to the words, I had an overwhelming feeling of hope rise up in my heart. A feeling that maybe, just maybe, we can overcome the mass hate and violence epidemic we are currently facing on a global scale.

I felt that maybe, regardless of who anyone else is and what they do or don’t do, we could band together and win a victory for love and kindness.

And then I read the comments.

Bubble shattered. Millions of people watched the video and I was stunned at how many people, after watching it, still just completely missed the point. The thread was filled with hate and judgement.

The insults, the name-calling, the nitpicking about who was in the video that they didn’t like, who was irrelevant, and on and on it went. People were actually pissed that this band took the time to collaborate and do a remix of a song about love. They were pissed one person was in it, and pissed that a minority group was under represented. They were pissed that rich celebrities are making songs about love because according to one commentator, “They expect us to do all the work to enact change.” Really?

It just doesn’t add up logically.

Sure there were some celebrities in the video that I wouldn’t exactly choose for my inner circle of friends, but that’s the point, isn’t it? That no matter who anyone is or isn’t, we need to get over our judgements of each other. That’s what love is about. Let’s stop comparing and blaming and start loving. We’re so busy judging every single f*cking thing that every single person does we are completely missing the beauty of being human!

Love means acceptance and forgiveness. It means getting over our egos and actually connecting with one another, flaws and all.

Maybe they’re trying to inspire us to enact change because it has to start with us. The common people. If we sit around waiting for change, love, and peace to be handed down to us, we are never going to get it.

Maybe that’s the point.

The original song broke my heart years ago when it was released, and this one hits me right there too. Broken heart or not, I still have hope. And I still have love for each and every person who responded to this song with hate and negativity. I see you. I feel you. And you too can come back to the love.

Here it is, please have a listen. I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below!




Author: Lindsay Carricarte

Image: YouTube still

Editor: Travis May

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