November 15, 2016

Could this be the answer to Cancer? {Poetry}

Blake Wisz/Unsplash

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Each day 4,600 new cancer cases are diagnosed in America and 595, 690 cancer patients will lose their lives in 2016.

Millions of people suffer the pain of watching their loved ones dying—which I have gone through myself.

If you have also been through the same, then you know exactly what I’m talking about. We stand there helplessly and watch our relatives and loved ones getting swallowed by death.

Our problem is that we rely too much on the medical treatments and therapies.

We are deluded by medical corporation into thinking that only they can help us, when the actual solution lies in maintaining the balance of both medical and natural treatments.

Emancipating the mind to experience its infinite capability is the objective of my poem.

Freedom is not just moving the physical body here and there, but it’s also breaking the chains holding our minds, not letting us move forward and acquaint ourselves with the vast knowledge our brains can grasp from Mother Nature.

This poem is a small effort to share some useful information.

The Answer to Cancer 

The number of cancer patients is on worldwide upswing.

U.S. National Cancer Institute claims, “Half of American men
and a third of American women suffer from cancer in their life time.”

What an irony! Advancement for cancer treatment is on rise,
yet cancer prevention is hidden to normal eyes.

They look for a treatment, they get chemotherapy.

If they seek a cure, they should try Graviola—an herb or tree or fruit
from the Amazon rain-forest. Another name of it is soursop
and it yields 10,000 times better results than chemotherapy.

Purdue University claims, “Annonaceous acetogenins,
a substance in the tree, kills cancerous cells.”

The answer to cancer could be the nutritional tree Graviola.

This 15-30 feet tall tree grows in the Amazon River basin and its fruit appears like “spiked melon” and has a custard-like texture, but the medicine parts are mere leaves and bark.

Since thousands of years Amazon natives have had been consuming its healthy nutritious nectar.

Its anti-oxidant compounds turn the aging process lackadaisical
and keeps you young for long. It stimulates the blood circulation system,
even FDA has approved Graviola’s immune boosting capabilities.

However, government agencies and FDA are targeting the websites
that shedding light on Graviola’s anti-cancer effects.

The odd is FDA denies doing any clinical trials
or long study on the anti-cancer effects of Graviola.

You can witness the research for yourself.

While the government will remain in the state of denial,
many are dead and others will die.

Afflicted with cancer is like given the death sentence,
and the worst is you don’t even get a chance
to hire an advocate who fights for you.

How could they bear loss by giving life

when death is the lucrative business?


Author: Nikhil NG   

Image: Blake Wisz/Unsplash 

Editor: Sara Kärpänen

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