November 7, 2016

I’d maybe expect to see this T-shirt (spotted at a Trump Rally) in North Korea, not the USA.


One the front page of Reddit today. From a Trump rally in Minnesota…

Redditors’ comments:

“I tell myself all the time that we have surely hit rock bottom in this election and yet they keep throwing us the shovel.”

“my first thought was that he was a journalist and he was just really really stressed about covering the election”

“And to think this shirt was likely made commercially.”

“Is John Oliver still keeping viewers updated on the status of ‘rock bottom?'”
“Last update I heard was that we had dug so deep we had made it the full diameter of the Earth and fell into space floating in darkness.”

“At this point I’m not even agitated anymore. I’m just sad. And exhausted. No matter what anyone says, or shows, to this individual they will never change their mind.”

“I’m half sad, half scared. Regardless if Trump loses or wins, the mindset of a good chunk of Americans had been changed, probably permanently, for the worse. If you would have told me a few years back that the political and social atmosphere would be so f*cked here, I would have been in complete disbelief.”

“It is so messed up, and I agree, completely exhausting. And there is no ‘discussing’ with these types either. You say anything they disagree with, you’re a sheep. Facts don’t matter. It is so hopeless.”

“Time is dragging on so slowly. Just three more days until they start screaming about fraud when he loses.”


If you’re feeling a little depressed right about now, here’s something that might help:

There’s a Hidden Upside to this Election.

How Everyday Americans can Overcome our harsh Political Climate.


Bonus, from Elephant editor Waylon Lewis:

All this homophobia and xenophobia etc etc is bringing all the pus and inflammation and disease out to the fore—now it’s our job to expose it for what it is. This could be the dying gasp of the old white men who make Fox the most popular thing there is. Young white men and college educated whites are far more progressive.

From a Buddhist pov, bad news isn’t bad news: bad news is exposing what’s already there, and now we can talk and connect. Stop blocking Trump fans on FB, start talking to them with respect, without hatred, and educate, educate, educate–without being condescending or fearful. Many of them are good, good people, and many of “us” are just as hate-filled and self-justifying in our hate. We just hate and fear different things.

Finally, that said, right on: we are only days away from possibly electing a fear-mongerer who would destroy democracy, our environment, our social fabric…he must be stopped and re-exposed for the two-bit tyrant that he is.

Share your message on elephant—where you may reach thousands upon thousands of folks. I put up a blog about this kind of thing yesterday that’s reached 30K and counting. Support independent media, not just Zuckerberg. ~ ed.


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