December 27, 2016

How to See the Possibility in our Obstacles.


Unlikely helpful things:

Some musings for you on helpful things, that we often think to be otherwise.

It is helpful to fall apart. There are things we can not know about ourselves until this happens. When we are held together and life flows as normal, it is difficult to know anything else. To truly feel what is freedom and what confinement is for us, it is beneficial to lose our reference points and to actually feel.

It is helpful to disappoint people. It shows that we are following our wisdom and are no longer living to please others for the sake of keeping things tidy and small. And on the other side, we are no longer rebelling to prove something. Instead, we are willing to let people’s expectations down to live in alignment with what is best for ourselves.

It is helpful not to know. We are not meant to be categorized. The moment when someone asks us a question and we say: “I don’t know” we can feel the deliciousness of space. We are bigger than words. We can allow ourselves to take up the expanse that feels comfortable for us. “I don’t know” runs from dawn to dusk.

It is helpful to see all change as our path. We have strong opinions about the changes in our life being good or bad. Wakefulness and greatness come from change, especially the changes we place in the bad category. Often the change here involves leaning against our edge and exploring what we habitually resist and fear.

What it means to meet our edge is personal. For some it means staying and working with our life more deeply rather than fleeing. For some it is shaking things up and letting go. Only we know what would enliven our spirit and support our path. As we become the closest of compadres with change, we become comfortable with the ebb and flow of our precious life—in all of its displays.

It is helpful to surround ourself with people who are interested in trusting our decisions, our wisdom. This seems intuitive, but it is still important. It is helpful to relate with people who are loving and open to our journey. Who do not project their fears and expectations onto us, as we meet our heart’s knowing. And if this happens—this is an opportunity to trust ourselves and to receive support from other hearts, which may include books, podcasts and seeming strangers.

There are no problems when we welcome our minds and hearts to be in their true boundless state. From this place everything is workable. Even when things fall apart. We welcome it. We find it more curious than terrifying. And even the terror feels thrilling rather than anxiety-ridden. And most of the time we might not have the words to describe it. But we do our best to walk through our lives in kindness, staying true to our own compass. Being with what is.

May you trust your path.
May you remain open.
May you walk in compassion and courage.

Author: Olivia Clementine Kirby

Image: freestock photos

Editor: Ashleigh Hitchcock

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