January 29, 2017

Dear Woman. {Poem}

I’m sorry for every time that I put you second

And it was

Every time.

I’m sorry for every time I told you to keep quiet

And it was

Every time.

I’m sorry for all of the times I told you he was more worthy of respect than you

Just for being


I’m sorry I told you you were unworthy because you were imperfect.

Everyone is


I’m so sorry

That I made you pick him up off the floor every time he fell

But picking him up was all the strength you had so you couldn’t pick yourself up

From the floor.

I’m so sorry

That I let you falsely believe that his weakness was your strength,

That I let his weakness

Be yours.

His weakness is not yours.

It is not your work or responsibility to make sure that his masculinity sits securely within his ego

The masculinity that you hold up with your hands,

The masculinity that is as fragile as soft petals

Threatening to crumble or blow away

The second you stop holding.

He makes you believe that you

Are the fragile one.

And I let you believe him.

I am so sorry


Do not forget that you are worthy in spite of everything you think makes you


Do not forget that you hold the divine within you

Do not forget who



Do not forget whose body forges miracles and gives life

Who connects and feels and knows

And feeds.

Dear woman do not forget that he



Much more than you will ever






Author: Nadia Katherine

Photo: Alex/Flickr

Editor: Lieselle Davidson

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Read 11 comments and reply

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