January 26, 2017

I want a Man who Left his Ego with his Lego. {Poem}

I want a man whose floor is covered in books and untended cups of tea.

A man who picks up trash as he walks along the beach
and isn’t afraid of intimacy.

I want a man with a mind like a sponge—
insatiably curious.

A man who looks strangers in the eyes,
because he knows that everyone he passes leaves an imprint on his soul,
as he does on theirs.

I want a man who isn’t afraid to be alone.

A man who listens to the ocean,
takes note of the thoughts that pass,
and releases them with each crashing wave washing up on the shore.

I want a man who isn’t afraid to feel his pain.

A man who will cry when he is lonely,
and call his mother when he is sad.

I want a man who will face discomfort head on.

A man who will hold me when my anxiety attacks,
make friends with people in the aisles of supermarkets,
and offer his leftovers to the homeless.

I want a man who buys water for the guy who works in the lobby of his building,
and knows the names of his children.

I want a man who runs mile after mile without looking at a stopwatch,
drives with no destination in mind,
and listens to the music of his parents’ generation along the way.

I want a man who collects the shells and rocks that call to him on his ventures into nature.

A man who goes to the movies alone,
and ferments dandelions for wine.

A man who will sit at a coffee shop with his favorite book,
and leave his cell phone at home.

I want a man who counts his blessings, and doesn’t feel guilty for them.

A man who understands the purpose of pain,
and can experience deep joy.

A man who fights for what he believes is right,
even when everyone tells him he is wrong.

I want a man who left his ego with his Lego.

A man who gazes at the old like a painting,
tracing the deep crevices that map their faces
while listening to the experiences that put them there.

A man who listens to the young with gentle ears
and can see the world through their eyes.

I want a man who lives from the depths of his soul,
and loves with every cell of his body.


Author: Gabrielle Bodzin

Image: Evan Clark/ Unsplash

Editor: Khara-Jade Warren

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Gabrielle Bodzin

Gabrielle Bodzin is a life coach and writer inspired by her continued education in Social Work and bachelor’s degree in Family Science. She currently contributes to neuroscience research at the University of Southern California studying the effects of meditation on breaking addiction, and works as a healing and arts facilitator at a homeless drop-in center for youth. She believes you can ritualize any part of your life. With her words, she hopes to instill a sense of home in people wherever they may wander… whether that be in Bali or to and from their 9-5. Connect with her on her website, Instagram, or Facebook.