January 27, 2017

Standing Rock with JP Sears. {Funny Video}

*Eleditor’s Note: This is satire. Please watch to the end before deciding if you’re offended or amused.


The oil companies have been the most oppressed, mistreated, and disrespected group of people throughout American history.

Now these little guys are facing an uphill battle, again, against the oppressive water protectors at Standing Rock.

The water protectors are out to self-serve their agendas of honoring their land—and having clean water for themselves, 17 million other people, and future generations. All of this comes at the expense of the oil companies.

This video will enlighten you about the terrible crisis happening to the good people of the oil companies at Standing Rock:


*Author’s Note:  I’m using tongue-in-cheek humor to convey meaningful perspectives about what’s happening at Standing Rock. At the end of the video, I break character (which I never do in other videos) to invite you to take action on joining the movement of protecting the water and protecting the water protectors.


Author: JP Sears

Image: YouTube

Editor: Toby Israel


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