January 25, 2017

Stunning Photo Series Celebrates Everyday Wild Women.

As a man and a photographer, I find great inspiration in the empowered and wild women.

They are strong, free, sensual and have a glow that is truly contagious—and helps me to become a more open, in-touch and stronger man. We all know these women.

Sadly, we all know women who have lost their body confidence because of the unrealistic and illusory portrayal of women we see on Instagram, television shows, ads, movies, magazines and on the internet.

Photoshopping a woman’s natural curves to make her look a certain way is damaging the feminine in her, but also damaging to our perception of the feminine, whether we are a male or female.

To flip that concept on it’s head, my wife and I began pursuing a series of photos inspired by the “everyday women” out there, backdropped by nature.

We wanted to use fun and empowering images of women, that demonstrate the strength, subtleness and playfulness of the divine feminine by contrasting it with elegant natural backgrounds (avoiding the commercial clutter altogether.)

I was blown away by the results.

I’m grateful to have worked with these women—and as a man, be helping to represent other wild and free women out there—in a classy and empowering way!

I think inside of every woman is a wild woman. Keep being wild and free!


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Author: Alex Pullen

Images: Author’s own

Editor: Sara Kärpänen

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