January 24, 2017

UnF**Kwithable: an honest Dating Meditation.

Have you ever seen one of those National Geographic videos where all the lil’ swimmers in a school of fish move in unison?

Well, that’s the vision I had when I re-entered the dating pool—because all the fishes a’plenty seemed to be high-finnin’ it in the opposite direction of me!

Some of us may be doing our best to forget that next month all the smoochie-couples in the world will spend oodles of time, money and rose petals expressing their supreme love for one another.

I know when I have been single on the annual “I’ve Found The One Day,” the dating pool has definitely felt more like an aquarium than an ocean.

Ya know, like the one sea-monkeys came in.

So with this magical day peaking around our giant fireball in the sky again, I’ve created a special dating mediation as a reminder that we really are UnF**Kwithable.

A remembrance for us to laugh a bit and trust that in spite of the dating challenges we may have had in the past, we absolutely will find…The One.

Although hearing my meditative voice will likely sooth and amuse your lonely heart, it does have photos and subtitles for those of you who may only be able to read at the moment.




Author: Tim Hastings

Image: screenshot

Editor: Yoli Ramazzina

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