February 3, 2017

Moon in Taurus: Cosmic Couple Mars & Venus causing Explosions.

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Although Mars and Venus are going to be in the sign of Aries for just over a month, all zodiac signs will be affected by the current energy. However, those born under the sign of Aries will feel it a little more intensely than others.

Fiery and expressive Mars, who rules fire sign Aries, returned to his ruling sign on January 28th—and on February 3rd, he will be joined by sensual love planet Venus, who rules the house of Aries’ couples. This means that Mars and Venus will both be resting in the sign of Aries from February 3rd until March 10th, so expect an unpredictable period that could set the stage for high drama and unpredictable moments of madness within our relationships.

Atmospheric emotional energy will feel particularly intense this weekend, as this is the first time these two planets have met in the same sign since February of 2015. Mars and Venus have a unique twin-flame-esque, challenging, intensive relationship with one another.

We may notice our relationships feel unstable and volatile at times, as these two planets rendezvous and check one another out in the sign of Aries. This will continue until March 10th, when Mars moves on.

Although Venus enters Aries on February 3rd, she turns retrograde next month, so Venus is currently in what is known as the “shadow period.” This means that we will already be feeling the effects of Venus in retrograde, so we will likely have noticed that a shift occurred in our romantic relationships on January 30th. This theme will continue, with unresolved relationship issues resurfacing, until Venus moves out of retrograde on April 15th, and we finally learn our difficult-to-accept lessons once and for all.

When Mars is in Aries, we notice our fearless warrior spirit rising—so we will be feeling energetic, strong, confident, impulsive and raring to go to battle and fight for matters close to our heart.

While these traits can be strengths in the right circumstance, they can also be problematic if we don’t take other people’s feelings into consideration, and we bullishly and forcefully storm full speed ahead. This can make us seem self-centered, insensitive, blunt and harsh to those around us, and they may back away from the abrupt and fierce way we express ourselves.

If we are not feeling balanced and harmonious—and instead, we have been overwhelmed as life feels upside down—Mars in Aries will cause our passion to heighten. Therefore, we may find ourselves feeling angry, impatient, irritated, impulsive, dominant and forceful.

If we try to keep our awareness on what is occurring cosmically, we will find that we can gain control over our emotions and feelings, and use the traits that are currently enhanced to take action on something we’ve been putting off that has great importance to us. It could be emotional, mental or physical action that we need to take, but whatever it is, undeniably there is something burning at the back of our minds that we know needs to be kicked into action—and energetically, now is the perfect time.

The combination of Mars, the planet of desire and seduction, and Venus, the planet of romance and love, in Aries will wildly stir emotions in our romantic relationships.

Mars and Venus in Aries encourage us to be brave and wear our hearts on our sleeves, so that we find the courage to talk through all the emotions and feelings that we’ve been hiding. Whether this happens in a new or a long-term relationship, if we can get over our pride and insecurities, we will likely feel a powerful and sensual connection to our partners—and there’s even a chance that a relationship that’s been dying out will be reignited and revived over these next few weeks as we connect with our loved ones on a much deeper and more meaningful level.

Venus (the goddess of love) is usually soft, sensual and gentle—however, when in Aries, her energy is independent, confident, courageous, determined and even quite risky. Mars’ bold, competitive energy along with Venus’ flirtatious, sexual confidence means that charm and attraction are the theme of this period, and seduction and desire will cause couples to feel more charismatic than usual and magnetically and passionately drawn towards one another. Those who are single, and keep their hearts open, are likely to discover magical love opportunities arriving where they least expect it.

Mars in Aries can cause us to be childish, impatient, impulsive and spontaneous at times. This means we could feel hot-headed and speak and act without thinking. Over the next few weeks, it will feel as though our emotions are intense, in control and running the show. It is essential that we try our best to remain mindful at all times while communicating during this period, as once we’ve reacted, we cannot rewind the clock and take back our words or actions.

We may find ourselves sounding needy and desperate for attention and validation—particularly if we are feeling wounded or temporarily emotionally unstable, and we are hoping our partners will offer us the affection, security and stability we need.

Basically, the way we are communicating could appear selfish, as though we are just looking for a response that strokes our ego, when realistically, we would just like to be told honestly whether those we care most about have similar feelings for us in return.

If this doesn’t happen, it can cause destruction as all hell breaks loose and relationships are torn apart. Fortunately, Venus is the planet of harmony and will be doing her utmost to stabilize anything that tips out of balance. Kiss, make up and forgive quickly is Venus’ advice for any minor relationship arguments or misunderstandings. For more major ones, communication is always the key to healing.

Another added bonus is that the moon is sitting in grounded, patient, stable Taurus when Mars and Venus meet for the first time in two years. Although the moon is only in the sign of Taurus in early February, the calming energy that Taurus radiates will manage to quell much of Mars and Venus’ extremely passionate and tumultuous energy that arises when they meet in Aries. Luckily, Taurus with it’s easygoing demeanor will be returning to check back in on this cozy, but sometimes troublesome, coupling in early March. The only thing to watch out for is Taurus’ stubborn, bullish energy that could cause disagreements in early February to stay unresolved until Taurus returns to reassess on March 2nd.

If we can find a way to hold on to the peaceful, gentle energies that Taurus sends out, and absorb as much of it’s sensitive, compassionate energy as we can contain, it might just be enough to influence us to remain level-headed and rational during the weeks ahead, even though the moon will move into different signs.

The authentic energies coming in the from all areas will cause us to not want to waste time with relationships that are meaningless, unfulfilling or that do not challenge or stimulate us. We will be feeling the Aries fearlessness and will charge straight in to find out if a connection is worth pursuing—and if it is, we won’t want to waste any time with small talk or superficial niceties. We may notice that we want to tell people exactly what we are feeling, and what we think of them, and take on Aries’ naïve and childlike approach.

Aries often don’t realize many people use manipulation in the dating world and like to play mind-bending games—and as these are uninteresting to an honest, up-front Aries, it can make relationships unbalanced and out of sync.

Aries can be naturally confrontational, direct and to the point—so when Mars (the god of war) arrives, we could find ourselves in combat, which might result in emotional outbursts and explosions. Therefore, it is essential to find ways to expend pent up energy before we wind up in futile altercations.

Engaging in physical activity or meditating to work through our irritations will help expel any negative energy that has been building, and it can assist us with channeling toxic, heavy, highly-charged energy so that it can be used positively and benefit our relationships. For couples, this could mean a sexually satisfying month ahead.

Aries and its visitors will ensure that February 3rd and the weeks following will be eventful and unforgettable—it is our choice whether we will remain alert and fully aware of the planetary incoming energies, so that we can make it an unforgettable month for the right reasons.

Passion, love, desire and romance are all key words to remember—so whenever we lose our minds, we just need to find our way back to our hearts, so that we can ignite our emotions and make the most of a highly sensual, pleasurable February.





Author: Alex Myles

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