March 29, 2017

Our Snapshot Minds. {Poem}


That’s it, said she. 
Just those four lines.
As sometimes these moments
They freeze in her mind.

A keen sense that
This heart’s pace
This heart-space
Will be worth remembering—
It happens all the time.

Take note of what your eyes see,
How big your smile feels
And the depth of the space
That falls between your heart
And the pit of your stomach
The source of your awareness.

Appreciate life in gratitude
As you stare up at the deep royal blue sky
In wonder at that which is so boldly splashed
Against a natural canvas
The air, crisp—clear in both sight and taste.

In moments of unfiltered joy
Take note
Excitedly pointing out constellations
Mapped out above
By shimmering clusters
To which your heart is so pulled.

Fancy-free, as you laugh against the wind.
As you smear chalk on purpose
While walking home
When your legs are much too cold
Because you chose to wear that fancy dress
But as sure as the sky is clear
You wouldn’t change a thing
Because life is so short
And so long all at once.

May we never lose our snapshot minds
Which crave memories over possessions
And may we always take note of the spaces
That move a bit more slowly than expected
May we savour them
In both present place
As well as when our hearts bring us back once more.

Author: Jen Schwartz

Image: Unsplash/Scott Webb

Editor: Lieselle Davidson

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