March 23, 2017

We are Here to Walk this Earth in Love. {Poem}

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We are here to walk this earth in love. 

We are here to connect with one another.

We are here to kiss the feet of passion as it walks in and out of our lives.

We are here to surf the waves of romance, and to let the sea of love pull us under once in a while.

We are here to lose our breath in one another.

We were made with beautiful, human bodies that beg to be touched, often.

We are here to practice love in all the ways that we can.

We are here to fiercely kiss, touch, and play with one another.

There is not much we cannot learn by opening our hearts to another.

We are social, intimate creatures—love is our birthright.

Our ability to receive love and connection is directly linked to how much we love and connect with ourselves.

We cannot receive love that we do not see as innately deserved.

We accept the love and care we believe we deserve in this moment.

When we are young we accept the love given, or not given—and this stays with us.

Whether it manifests as messy, childish love throughout our years, or a deep yearning, we must learn to believe we deserve more.

We must love ourselves fiercely and watch as our world adjusts.

We do not deserve lukewarm love.

We do not deserve safe love.

We deserve the hot fire of two-feet-in love. The love that says “yes”—jumping into the unknown space of intimacy and connection.

We deserve the calm stability that lives in the space of being chosen.

We are here to love like humans.

We are here to laugh in the face of fear, while our bones continue to shake—for love is scary, but love is worth it.

We are here to hurt and be hurt by the tender nature of our very hearts.

We are here to f*ck up and do it wrong, to pick up the pieces and try it all over again.

For what is life without the beauty of a beating heart?


Author: Annabelle Blythe

Image: Courtesy of author

Editor: Nicole Cameron


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