May 19, 2017

Night is Falling on the Patriarchy—What will the New Dawn Bring?

As this administration begins to unravel and the popular Fox News pundits, Bill O’Reilly and Bob Beckel, are held accountable for sexual harassment and racism, is it possible that this country (and the world at large) can now breathe a sigh of relief? It sure feels like it!

Even the death of Roger Ailes seems symbolic of the male-dominant era coming to its knees. Our hateful culture, spewing “Us versus Them” slogans and ruling with an iron fist, has finally cracked at its foundation. What will emerge is yet to be known, but it sure looks good from where I stand.

As someone who is energetically sensitive, I have been witnessing a softer, more subtle tone emerging from the societal depths over the last 10 years. The buried, shamed, and rejected feminine life force is uprooting in attempt to be seen and heard. A new consciousness is being born, breaking through the crusty mildew of male dominance that has hovered over the planet for ages.

We’re bringing back together what has long been driven apart.

The global reaction to this evolving force has come to a head as countries panic, isolate, and fearfully grasp their dated boundaries. The European Union upheavals, the building of walls between Americas, the survival mode reactions, and calls to put ones country first above all else seem like a last ditch effort to stop the inevitable from occurring.

The United States, with its many male-dominant traits, has finally bubbled over as it grasps tightly to a world that will soon cease to exist. Run by primarily male elected officials, it is the only country in the civilized world that has not had a female president or prime minister. As painful as the last election cycle has been for the majority of this country, I believe it has dredged up the hidden bile—it’s a final stand of a male-obsessed administration desperate to hold on to that which is no longer viable.

This is the final battle before the end of a culture war; let the crumbling begin!

As Britain and France are coming to their senses and the United States begins its own awakening with recent hearings (both private and public), the airwaves will soon be saturated with the dismantling of an old world guard. Together, many nations will go through the motions of sweeping up the sludge that exploded in our midst, ultimately reaping the benefits of the new feminine reality rising from the ashes.

Yes, there will be plenty of bumps along the way, and plenty of cowards who will want to stuff the genie back in the bottle, but it is too late to turn back now.

The truth is, the tide has already shifted. The bubble has burst and there’s not much left to do but welcome and embrace this new energy and integrate it into our world.

Make no mistake, though, a feminine shift in no way implies a Pollyanna mentality, but rather a movement toward truth, compassion, community, conservation, creativity, and innovation. This integration promises to be both challenging and life giving. Inclusive and full of possibilities. This is truly the time many of us have been waiting for—a renaissance to behold. Most importantly, it’s a witnessing of rebirth. This is life after death.

Let’s keep our eyes open and embrace the first signs of a new dawn upon us. It has been a long time coming, and though the fallen will not go gently, new life has infiltrated the seemingly impossible.

It is now up to us to nurture the fruits that will spring forth in the days, months, and years ahead.




Author: Vera Snow
Image: Tommy Sotomayor

Editor: Danielle Beutell

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