May 13, 2017

Overflow. {Poem}

For life to exist,
it must lessen another.

Constantly consuming,
liberating itself,
and enslaving another.

When another life’s liberty is at stake,
is there justice in living?

How does one define its purpose?
How does one justify its purpose?

While many lives are consumed by another,
the human demise is executed by time.

Time’s purpose is to digest humanity,
spitting leftovers onto the planet.

While a planet relies on death
It suffers through excess life.

When an animal rapidly multiplies
and drains its resources,
humans step in to level the carnage.

Who will level human’s carnage?
Are we the caretakers of the planet
or self-entitled bullies of lesser lives?

While the population of humans increases,
The square footage of Earth remains the same.

I’m not a scientist,
but I have seen a cup overflow with water.

It just creates a mess.


Author: Benjamin Hobson
Image:  Brian Wright/Flickr
Editor: Lieselle Davidson

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