May 30, 2017

The Viral “Vegan Rap” that Everyone Should Watch at Least Once.

Kyle O’Sullivan, who describes himself on Instagram as a “vegan warrior of the rainbow,” recently released a rap about veganism that powerfully delivers his message, while blowing every compassionate vegan’s mind at the same time.

The meaningful video, which has had millions of views across the internet over the last week, shows Kyle rapping while driving in his van. His lyrics are often controversial, but they are undeniably an accurate reflection of the tragic state of the meat and dairy industry.

The best thing about this 10 verse rap is that it is not only catchy and entertaining to watch and listen to, but it is also highly educational and covers most of the main principles that people consider when choosing veganism.

These include: the nutritional value of eating vegetable and nuts, debunking the argument that’s often raised about veganism being too expensive, the link between eating meat, world poverty, and famine, why humans aren’t natural carnivores, and the horrific way billions of animals are treated every day when there are many easily available compassionate alternative options.

Kyle not only raps frankly about his personal opinion on vegans and carnivores, he also details many of the advantages to be gained through choosing a cruelty-free lifestyle.

Along with the positives of veganism, Kyle makes a point of voicing the harsh truths that are usually hidden behind the doors of the meat and dairy industries, and he deliberately does not sugarcoat his words.

Although it is clear from the video that Kyle is highly educated about the health effects of meat versus meat-free diets, the health implications are not the reason he is vegan. He explains, “Going vegan isn’t necessarily about wanting to be healthy…it’s about being compassionate toward other living beings and trying to stop the horrific tortures they go through. We want a healthy earth and happy animals.”

This three-minute video has caused a flurry of both critical and approving comments, and most importantly, Kyle achieved his mission by sparking off an interesting debate that keeps veganism in the headlines with heated and passionate conversation flowing in from all angles.

Here are the lyrics to the highly addictive video for those who want to rap along:

{Verse One}

We’re on, number one
So where do you get your protein from?
Nuts, beans, tofu, seeds
Quinoa, lentils, hemp and peas
Oatmeal, spinach and we know what’s in it
I wish I could say the same for meat
Soy’s my boy and so’s broccoli
But you can only still name me one

{Verse Two}

“How do you afford to buy all that healthy food?”
The exact same way you afforded to buy that
iPhone, iPad, a brand new iMac
Cars and clothes
You can’t hide that
Your ego’s bigger than your health
Try to deny that
And keep a straight face when you see yourself

{Verse Three}

“Aren’t we Carnivores and supposed to eat meat?”
“And that’s why we have canine teeth
To tear through the flesh and bones and meat!”
No, wrong again
They’re there to break through nuts and seeds
And that’s why we share the same teeth
As a cow and horse and all the monkeys
And the same size intestines
So that when we’re digesting
We take all the good from what we eat
They’re not designed to digest meat
A carnivore’s are a lot more short
Because it’s supposed to pass at speed
That’s why we are left with disease
Such as cancer with diabetes

{Verse Four}

Four, so you’re sure
You’re 100% a carnivore
Okay, next time that you go to the store
Just grab some chicken, bacon, or pork
Open it up and eat it raw
No seasoning or no sauce
No more knives and no more forks
And let’s see who’s hitting the floor
Cos all carnivores have paws and claws
We have hands
To pick fruit and veg off trees and plants
So please understand
If you put fruit and rabbit in a baby’s cot
It would play with the rabbit and eat the fruit
Do the same with a lion’s cub…
And what do think that lion will do?

{Verse Five}

Five, if they’re alive
They’ll overpopulate the whole earth
But you still proceed to inseminate them though
So that they give birth
That’s 56 billion animals each year
That are sent to slaughter
That’s 56 billion animals
That you can feed and water
That’s eight times the f*cking human race’s population
Yet we can’t stop hunger, poverty in every single nation
That sh*t don’t sit with me
And it really, really gets to me
When you get the stupid fluoride hoes
That yell, “Yeah but what about bacon though?'”

{Verse Six}

Stupid pricks Number six
Stones and sticks
Fire pits made of bricks
Cause we are f*cking cavemen
Well, if you’re f*cking cavemen
Where’s your f*cking cave then?

{Verse Seven}

“Our father who art in Heaven
Thou shall not kill”
“But I will“
Hail Mary full of sh*t
Bring me a lamb with its throat slit
Some mint sauce
And a big portion of hypocrite
And we’ll say grace,
That’s what we’ll do
It’s not dead
If we call it food

{Verse Eight}

I feel great
I’ve already had my five for the day
I’m high for the day
With a clear conscience
And it’s not even quarter to eight
But the thing with meat is
You see when they’re killing them
They’re just filling them
With stress and adrenaline
And every bite that you take
With your steak
And cheeseburger
That’s what you’re taking in
And you wonder why
That you look like sh*t
And you feel like sh*t
And you smell like sh*t
Well you are what you eat
And what you eat’s
Been dead for over four weeks
Eyes, ears, veins, teeth, dick, balls, bums, and tongues
For me to eat a pigs ars*hole?
Here’s 20 grand
And I’ll rim your mum!

{Verse Nine}

My bones are fine as
There’s no need to ask all the time
Mr. Orthopaedic
But if you wanna go down them lines
Then, we can talk about bones and calcium?
And how you think cow’s milk is helping them
But the animal protein is so acidic
That it leeches phosphate out of them
Dairy is scary,
Go look it up
And while you’re there google
Got puss?
And see the sh*t that’s in one cup
Piss, puss, sh*t, blood
Hormones, stress, and all it’s feared
“Oh yeah, that sh*t taste good”
And you think breastfeeding’s weird

{Verse Ten}

…I forgot what I was gonna say
Cause I didn’t take my
Vitamin B12 supplement today
So I’ll just dance to the end
With my best friend
Oi Oi
Oi Oi




Author: Alex Myles
Image: YouTube
Editor: Travis May

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