June 27, 2017

He Made Her Feel. {Poem}

He made her feel. She wasn’t sure what, but he made her feel.

Trust, love, self-worth, beauty.

It was like nothing she had ever experienced. For once there were no doubts, no questioning of what she was doing—only feeling.

Expansiveness, greatness, possibility, opportunity.

Her heart was wide open, but not in fear. Not trepidatious, not concerned.

It was strong; it was on its own path, yet open to the wide, wide world that was him.

And it felt good.

She didn’t know where it was heading, what the future may or may not hold, and she didn’t care.
Because it was all light.

The sun and the moon and the gods shone brightly on the union and gave their blessing for however long or for however short.

She felt such attraction to him on so many levels, but yet no attachment. It was like she was free to love.

Purely, wholly, from the core of her being.

It was so big, so huge—this love—that she felt like she would explode. It was, at times, overwhelming.

Yet, complete and perfect and right.

She was at peace.


Author: Cassandra Pickel 
Image: Jordan Bauer/Unsplash
Editor: Leah Sugerman
Copy Editor: Yoli Ramazzina
Social Editor: Callie Rushton

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