June 26, 2017

Her Eyes. {Poem}

Written by a woman, for a woman:

Her eyes…

The instant her eyes cross with mine, the world stops spinning.
And I go deep, deep inside of my belly,
Where a bunch of butterflies collapse in exquisite chaotic flight.

In my womb, a pack of wolves howl to the moon…
There is passion in the air between our lips, between our hips.

My lungs are filled with water, reality is dense,
And there is no distance between her body and mine—there are no separations.
I can feel her breathing and I can feel her skin.

All the ecstasy happens in only a second, a split second in time and space.
The quantum jump to an altered reality where love is all that exists:

A reality where she turns into you,
And I can dream alive.

A reality where I look into your eyes forever,
With no restriction and no thought of separation.

A reality where we are allowed to love
With no tags, no rules, and no limits.

A world where we can make love without touching our skins;
Where we can sing to the moon the song we know deep down in our bones.

A reality without the need of stability because there is no fear of lack.

I intend to bring you peace and ease, but the shaking of your world is intense
And you can feel it—you have to feel it.

I can but wish you a great journey,
And to remain floating in the depth of your eyes.
In the corners of my mind,
While painting huge smiles on my face.

I will see you in the next corner of life.


Author: Layla El Khadri
Image: Author’s Own
Editor: Leah Sugerman
Copy Editor: Nicole Cameron

Social Editor: Yoli Ramazzina

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