June 14, 2017

What I Would Be. {Poem}

He asked me what I would be. He said—

“If you could be
any animal of the world,
which would you be?”

I stopped here, to pause
with all possibility.
The kingdom of creatures danced
wildly in my mind,

Yet, despite the combined majestic delight,
I could not be any of which
graced the thoughts of me.

“A tree,” I said—
“A tree, I’d be.
With all wisdom and acuity.
With steady roots, majestic wings,
the pine, she stands, courageously.
Strength in storm, peace in night,
she dances here, beneath moonlight.
The depth to her you cannot see
Yet still, she reigns in mystery.
A tree, I’d be, if I could be
something different to what
was blessed to me.

There I’d stand, beside the shore,
to grace the world


Author: Gillian Sanger 
Image: Libertarian Girl/Flickr
Editor: Leah Sugerman

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Gillian Sanger

Gillian Sanger is a tree-hugging holistic nutritionist, poet, creative nonfiction writer, and explorer. She is in love with the lake at dawn and secrets shared at dusk; she is a believer in all things that exude magic and truth. She works with clients through workshops and one-on-one consultations to help guide their journeys toward deeper self-awareness. Catch up with Gillian on her website, Facebook, or Instagram.