July 24, 2017

A letter to my Soul after years of living an Unfulfilling Life.

Omalix Martinez, Flickr CC

It is never too late.

To tell someone you love them.
To be with the person you love (no matter how bad things ended).
To start all over when you think everything is lost.

To open the business you have always dreamed of.
To take on a new sport.

The only time that we have is this moment, and the best time to do anything is right now.

Let go of fear, expectations, and self-doubt.
Believe in yourself, and don’t let the option of failing blur your dreams.
Mistakes are some of the biggest platforms for learning.

People change and things never remain the same.

We have everything that it takes to live the life we truly want to live.
Take the plunge, own that first step.
You are not lost.
You are exactly where you want to be.

Remember that, to the universe, you are important.
Life is kind and will always conspire to make our dreams come true.

The most important part is to remember that we may never get another opportunity, therefore live as if you may die tomorrow—because, we just might. Life and time wait for no one. The moment is now. Believe in yourself. Failure is only in our minds. It doesn’t define who we are. It gives us wisdom and translates into a life well-lived with heaps of lessons learned.

Get in the habit of following your dreams and understanding that it is never too late. When our attention is set on this, our intentions become our only truth. What we give our attention to is where our energy will flow; and where our energy goes is what we subconsciously manifest. Manifestations are powerful ways of making the impossible possible with our thoughts.

So think positively and remember that each one of us is here on purpose. You are not a mistake. There is a reason for you to exist, and the only way to find out is by redefining the way we live our lives. Transform the word impossible into “I’m possible,” and see what unfolds as a result.

It is never too late, you are not too old, and when we do the things we love, we have already won.



Author: Carolina Arcila
Image: Flickr/Omalix Martinez
Editor: Travis May
Copy Editor: Nicole Cameron
Social Editor: Catherine Monkman

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