August 18, 2017

We, the People, Deserve More from our Elected Leaders—This is the Only Way to Get It.

When spokespeople must reshape your words to make them more palatable, you are not acting like a president.

When those around you must clarify your haphazard explanations, you are revealing your incompetency.

When your “passionate” rhetoric comes without action, it’s simply pathetic distraction.

When you continue to lie, it’s poison to every relationship you forge, and people near and far no longer trust you.

When you continue to blame the media for reporting the news that you create, you are scapegoating—and it sounds exactly like a baby crying.

When you do not denounce white supremacy specifically and immediately (in our country and the world at large), your privilege, your own inner elitism, and your complete stupidity regarding race relations (and its ugly history) shows—and will continue to divide us all.

When you call the people who protest Nazis and white supremacists “at fault,” you are admonishing the people who are fighting evil in America.

Bullies are not the people who take a stand against racist, destructive hate groups. The people who confront these hateful bullies are called heroes. At least that’s what we called them after World War II.

People of America, for the love of our chosen Gods and our beloved free country—our country built on freedom of worship and expression—can we please just all agree to unify in a bipartisan way in the name of being completely fed up with this unfit person at the helm?

Reality check: Until the Russia link is proven, most in the GOP who do not support the president’s actions and words will still support his presidency.

What’s it going to take?

All arrows point to collusion via the almighty dollar and the information keeps coming in despite the other splashy and polarizing news coming from Washington.

Not one of my GOP-supporting friends have spoken out against Trump, or his heinous comments over the past few days, and I’m wondering if they ever will. They, like the weak GOP itself, can’t stand up to their bully king and will continue to be on the wrong side of history.

Anyone who continues to defend his lack of immediate denunciation and his open (obvious) equivocating is supporting him.

“Both sides” are not at fault.

Any time people stand up to hate, exclusion, bigotry, and racism they are on the right side of history (however said history plays out). By clumping the actions of the anti-racism protesters in with the actual disgusting racists, you are offering pseudo-support (which I could argue is just as bad as real support) for a president whose base is filled with white supremacists, KKK, and general hate-mongers.

We the people—especially those of us who do not own golf courses, or towers, or can “get away” with shooting a person in broad daylight on Fifth Avenue—deserve more from our elected leaders!

The end.


Author: Kimberly Valzania
Image: Pixabay
Editor: Leah Sugerman
Copy Editor: Khara-Jade Warren
Social Editor: Travis May

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Read 3 comments and reply

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