September 13, 2017

How to Silence the Haters when You’re trying to Manifest.

Mastering the art of manifesting is a challenge for many folks.

For those who have spent a lifetime in struggle and lack, the new journey of manifesting can be rife with pitfalls, setbacks, and the rise of limiting beliefs. It becomes even more challenging when naysayers and haters surround the person attempting to manifest.

The best way to deal with those who have limiting beliefs is simply not to.

That may sound harsh, but those who can’t see the forest for the trees, or those who are stuck in a limited mindset, will always see the challenges as a sign that manifesting doesn’t work.

There is a concept called “crabs in a bucket.” Two or more crabs are placed in a bucket. The first thing they try to do is escape, but here is where it gets messy. When one tries to escape, the others will grab its legs and try to use it for their own escape, thus pulling the first crab down. This goes on indefinitely. As a result, no crabs escape.

This is a perfect analogy for life.

Those who are stuck in a bucket will see you trying to escape by manifesting a new reality and will inevitably try to pull you back down. The people who are stuck in their own struggle would rather see you fail than succeed, because if you can succeed, then their belief that there is no way out is challenged. If you fail, they can justify their belief that they too are limited, and nothing will change.

In order to avoid being pulled down by those who can’t see their way out: say nothing to them. Don’t tell them you are in a new process and don’t share your struggles with them. If you tell them you are strugglingthey will come back to tell you how manifesting is fake and that nothing will ever change.

When you’re developing new habits and new ways of being in the world, it takes time to change. If, during that time, you have people around you who don’t support your vision, you may cave in and end up back in the bucket with them.

Find a community who supports you and who believes in your path. Share your successes and victories there. Share your struggles and limits there as well so you can get support, compassion, and suggestions for how to move forward without someone raining on your parade.

The only way that “haters” have any real power is when you give it to them. Don’t allow them to get close enough to tear down your dreams. Keep them at a safe distance and when you’ve finally succeeded in creating the life you desire, when they ask you how you did it—then you can tell them.

Perhaps then they will be ready to listen.


Author: Lisa Vallejos
Image: Flickr
Editor: Lieselle Davidson
Copy Editor: Leah Sugerman
Social Editor: Sara Karpanen



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