October 31, 2017

November’s Powerful Full Moon in Taurus: 3 Things we Need to Know.

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On November 4th, there will be a powerful full moon in the Zodiac sign of Taurus.

Regardless of whether we were born in the sign of Taurus or not, we will all be infiltrating this constellation’s highly charged energy, as the moon shines bright and illuminates the bull’s characteristics within us all. However, those born under the sign of Taurus will feel it a little more intensely than others.

Taurus is a grounded earth sign and represents the rational, responsible, and material sides to life, as well as the need to think about themselves and protect their own interests and stability before they think of others.

In various ways, Taurus’ energy is one that is self-seeking, thereby, deeply concerned with self-care and self-nurture as a way of maintaining balance, security, comfort, and ultimately survival.

The moon is exalted when in Taurus, which means the moon adores Taurus, and Taurus adores the moon. This mutual affection means they strongly resonate with one another, and this sensual affinity gifts them a unique bonding. This causes lunar energy to feel extremely intense during this period, and the magnified cosmic vibration will be influencing us highly and making us ultra sensitive.

These are the three main things we may feel compelled to do while the moon is in Taurus:

1. Prioritize or let go of certain relationships.

While the moon is in Taurus, we will feel the need to speak our truth to those we are closest to; however, we will only do this if we feel safe and confident to do so. Therefore, we will be having the types of conversations we may normally shy away from, and the intention behind them is to enhance our relationships with people and let them know the place of importance they hold in our lives. If we don’t feel safe, we will find the strength to silently let go of those who we know aren’t mutually respectful or that aren’t healthy for us to be around.

We will find ourselves detoxing our social media accounts and contact lists, and also re-evaluating why we have maintained certain connections long past their welcome, as this allows space to give higher priority to those that are authentic and meaningful. Although this “burning bridges” phase sounds harsh, it is Taurus’ way of ensuring that people who hold importance receive quality time, care, and attention, rather than being caught up in dynamics with those who don’t have our best interests at heart.

Our intuition will be rocketing during these few days, and while it is an all-time high, we will begin to make sense of why we have continuously put ourselves through turmoil by repeating scenarios without fully recognizing the lessons within them. This evaluation offers the insights and healing we have been searching for and sharply nudges us to compassionately remove ourselves from environments where there are arguments, aggressiveness, manipulation, deception, or judgment. Basically, we will want to remove anything unhealthy or debilitating from our lives and close those destructive chapters we keep drifting back to.

2. The desire to organize and manifest material possessions.

Taurus’ material links go as far back as ancient Egypt when bodies were mummified for preservation and surrounded by treasures of great material wealth. Therefore, as the moon empties itself so that it can be filled with the radiant glow of the sun, we too can empty ourselves of any material possessions that no longer resonate with where we are in our lives—and this creates room for manifestations of new possessions to enter.

This is simply a process of decluttering by touching or holding each belonging to see if they still spark joy within us. This signals if the item is truly loved, cherished, and appreciated. If it makes us feel joyful, then we may keep and organize it. If we have to think about it, or if it does not bring joy, we can thank it for its service and either discard if it is no longer useful or reroute it to someone or somewhere else who might receive benefit from it.

When we let go of items that we are no longer aligned with we will instantly feel lighter, freer, and not overwhelmed by messiness and unnecessary objects—some of which likely held unhappy memories and negative vibes. We not only let go of clutter, but we also release the emotional baggage we have subconsciously held on to, as we often don’t realize the heaviness that many items carry energetically.

If there are any particular items with strong sentimental value, we can carry out a small ritual on the night of the full moon in which we wrap the items and place them in a safe place under the earth.

Moonlight offers the perfect scene for setting intentions and manifesting, and the glow from this lunar month invites us to focus on manifesting new possessions with positive, optimistic vibrations to take the place of the old.

3. Stop being so stubborn. 

Those born under the body of the bull are profoundly stubborn—and during this full moon, regardless of our Zodiac sign, we will all be noticing our stubborn tendencies rising to the surface. This is the universe’s way of bringing this trait to our attention, so that we shift out of old patterns of behaviour and learn from our past mistakes.

Taurus’ energy is notorious for playing the long game; therefore, situations in which we have been struggling to work out will be surfacing right about now. Taurus’ stubborn and infuriatingly inflexible side has been hindering us and causing us to miss out on valuable opportunities, due to pride and arrogance. We lose the possibility of so many intensely soul-nourishing relationships and experiences just by being stuck in limited, outdated ways of thinking, feeling, and behaving.

This headstrong, obstinate way of being is tiring, so there is inner work to be done in order for us to freely move forward. This involves unlearning and deleting the old stories that have caused us to sacrifice the things we desire the most—and to replace them with new, up-to-date versions that align with how we’d prefer to behave (and mostly that means standing up to our persistent ego and refusing to allow it to dominate and control us).

When we drop our stubbornness, we may find ourselves wanting to reach out to those we have been temporarily estranged from, as the moon humbly draws us to open our hearts and communicate authentically.

Overall, the moon in Taurus is an intensely transformational phase for us all—and a time when, collectively, we will briefly confront our shadow sides. There is nothing to fear though, as it is only a temporary altercation and one that will be a pivotal moment within relationships of every kind.

If we surrender to this full moon by attuning with its celestial energy, we will receive a window of immense fearlessness, in which we can tear down our walls, remove our armor, embrace our vulnerabilities, and cleanse ourselves of whatever (or whoever) is wearing us down and holding us back in life. This gives us the determination and conviction to declare exactly who, what, and where we want to be in our lives. We may also discover many of the answers to the “whys” that have been resounding in our hearts and heads for far too long.

The rendezvous between the moon and Taurus brings forward a dramatic and unusual transition phase for those with a cautious, guarded, and bullish nature, as they are not usually the ones who embrace sudden change. However, despite the moon’s nurturing and tender love affair with Taurus, it’s going to be brimming full with life-shifting wisdom—along with the volatile, fiery energy—from the sun.

Therefore, as the enchantingly turbulent full moon emerges, we can run, but we won’t be able to hide for long. This revolutionary lunar energy pushes and pulls on our emotions—and, whether we like it or not, we will be in for a far smoother and harmonious ride if we are willing to pay attention and listen carefully to what our mentor in the sky has to say.



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