November 17, 2017

A Few Things to Know about November’s Scorpio Moon.


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The next new moon will be on November 18th in the constellation of electric, magnetic, spellbinding Scorpio.

It brings with it an intense energetic phase that focuses on our darker side and sexual nature. We will all feel this intense energy, but those born under the sign of Scorpio will feel it a little more intensely than others.

The moon is empowering and transfixing no matter which phase it is in; however, the new moon is particularly challenging in Scorpio’s super-charged energy, as it highlights the dormant emotions and unleashed sexual energy within us all.

New moons represent the closing of a 28-day cycle and the start of a new one, making it the optimum time to make changes and let go of old patterns or anything that is unhealthy so that we can be free to begin the new phase with a fresh start.

New beginnings can feel uncomfortable and unsettling for some, as we shift between what feels familiar and our fear of the unknown. Fortunately, the Scorpio new moon offers the exact frequency to cosmically push us so that we can muster the strength to process stagnant emotions and untended memories.

Many of us try to keep our dark side hidden away. We also often try hard to dissipate or control the sexual energy that pulsates inside of us quite forcefully at times. However, Scorpio is here to unearth everything that we desperately try to suppress, and it forces us to finally deal with aspects of our shadow side so that our inner passions or demons do not take the reigns and eat away at us from within.

As our unresolved and unacknowledged emotional energy rises to the surface, we will also realize that not all of what comes up needs to be acted upon. Many of us are afraid of dealing with what lies beneath, as we fear that we may not be able to cope with or manage it. However, we don’t need to do anything other than become consciously aware of what is deep inside and recognize that we all have oppressed, stormy emotions—even if we don’t particularly like to admit their existence.

Awareness is simply shining a light on something, and the moment that light is turned on, the darkness fades. Therefore, even if we have stored feelings and memories that make us feel deeply uncomfortable, we will feel instantly lighter and freer when we work on accepting ourselves as a whole rather than remaining in fragmented pieces.

Anyone currently involved in a soulmate or twin flame relationship will already have been sensing the strength and intensity as Scorpio’s energy has been brewing. This energy may have presented itself either through jealousy, arguments, frustrations, and disagreements, or through heightened sexual tension and desire. It is worth keeping a close eye on frazzled nerves as tempers can flare out of nowhere causing conflict with those we care about most. We may even become temporarily—or permanently separated—from those we are in intimate relationships with, as this moon’s energy rocks anything not built on firm foundations.

During this new moon, we will likely notice an internal sensation that feels like fire is burning through the center of our bones. This is known as kundalini energy, which is a positive, healing, life-force energy stored at the base of our spine. When we sense kundalini energy moving within us, it is a sign that we are awakening to the truth of who we are, seeing our situations with clarity, removing illusions, connecting more deeply with others, and feeling more alert, sensual, sharp, intuitive, and radiant—in essence, fully alive.

If we experience kundalini energy rising through our spine and we aren’t aware what is happening, anxiety may creep in and block the flow and benefits this energy holds. It is important over these next few days to try not to push it away, because if we let it, kundalini can be channeled so that it helps us to see things with clarity, let go of egotistical desires, remove tension and emotional blockages, resolve old issues, clear karma, and ultimately assist with our personal awakening and evolution.

The rising of kundalini energy raises the hara chakra and removes the energetic build up of past experiences, which gives us a sense of awakening, as it appears as though we are seeing everything openly and with true clarity for the first time in our lives. This can cause us to feel euphoric, empowered, and motivated as every part of us—mind, body, and soul—goes through a major transformational shift. This energy is not to be confused with a lustful, emotional, or physical attraction, which it may seem like if we aren’t fully aware of what is occurring internally. It is nothing to fear; it’s simply the ethereal, physical, and spiritual perfectly aligning within and vibrating on the same high frequency.

It is essential throughout this phase to remain alert and aware of who we exchange sexual energy with, even if it is only during flirtations. This is because energy lingers on, and we may find ourselves easily seduced by flattery and attention that only leaves us with the residue of other people’s longings and desires—which may not hold genuine intentions. This warning becomes even more prominent if we engage in physical exchanges with people we don’t deeply know, as energy is exchanged through voice, feelings, and fluids, among other things, and we may find the Scorpio sexual energy far too dominating and controlling for our own energy. This goes for long-standing and committed romantic relationships as well as brief encounters, so it is imperative that we voice how we feel.

Those who are presently in a balanced and healthy romantic dynamic will discover that as they clear past energy, the emotional and physical connection they have with their partner isn’t purely based on physical or sexual attraction. Instead, the bond exists due to how the two energies merge and interact when the couple feel closely connected to one another, whether they are near or far from each other. The more the old energy clears, the more pure and constant the flow of high-frequency sexual energy will be, as it circulates around and through both partners.

If we are not in a relationship we feel emotionally safe in, we may find we feel more intense insecurity than normal, leading us to keep our true feelings guarded and secretive. This is due to Scorpio being the most mysterious sign of the Zodiac, and the least likely to wear their heart on their sleeve.

Despite the fact that we may not feel like openly declaring our love, we may still find ourselves falling hard and fast, whether for someone we just met or having a renewal of heartfelt emotions for someone we are currently, or have previously been, in a relationship with. We may also notice we feel powerfully drawn and magnetised to a particular person without effectively being able to explain why.

This can lead to an intensity that can terrify some of the more cautious and wary souls and this is also why Scorpios are often the most misunderstood and feared sign, as their immense emotional and sexual energy can be overbearing at times. This is also one of the reasons Scorpios often opt to hide how they truly feel.

We ourselves might keep our feelings to ourselves during this new moon, as Scorpio is renowned for silence and the desire to process and communicate feelings through music, writing, dance, or painting instead of spoken word.

With this intense energy, we may choose to spend time alone and behind closed doors for a few days, or we may go somewhere quiet and tranquil to process the new insights that are incoming at fast speed and avoid potential drama and chaos.

During the Scorpio moon, it is essential that our words and actions come from the heart. Scorpio cannot bear false pretenses, so if our behavior isn’t authentic and doesn’t have meaning and depth behind it, it will be clear to those around us, and we may get called out for insincerity or a lack of integrity. Scorpio is perceptive and has omniscient eyes and senses the intention behind everything—so check yourself!

Overall, this is a positive moon phase as it allows us to become aware of our weaknesses, which is immensely healing process—for when we get to know ourselves on the inside, we can begin working on healing our old emotional wounds and triggers and breaking cycles of dysfunctional behaviour before they become too daunting to ever face.

Scorpio’s energy takes us through a journey of intense transformation where we welcome change, harness our sexual energy, and connect with others on a much deeper level. It will also show us how to firmly close doors and let go of past hurt, or passionately reignite and restore existing relationships.

November’s new moon is a powerful one, but by attuning ourselves to its high energy, we can fluidly flow with it. Scorpio’s vibration feels like a unique and sensual dance resonating through our bones, silently teaching us profound and transformational lessons about our shadow sides and the wholeness and sacredness of embracing sexual energy.




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