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I F*cking Love You, Women’s March Signs.

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The women (and men) who marched in the Women’s March on January 20, 2018, certainly outdid themselves this year.

While last year’s turnout was impressive, this year’s was equally so, and the signs that showed up were simply priceless.

While p*ssy hats were less visible this year in an effort to be more inclusive of transgender women, participants still showed up ready to resist President Donald Trump, advocate for equality, and show the world that women are truly clever and innovative.

In fact, I just have to say it: I f*cking love you, women’s march signs! You inspire me!

I couldn’t be there. I was home with my two small children and unable to attend, but I watched participants gather in so many cities to stand up for the rights of women, to protest wrongdoing, and to advocate for basic human rights.

Throughout the day, I found a smile stuck on my face from the signs I’d seen in passing at the events as they were recorded. They showed wit, ingenuity, and powerful puns. While some pulled at our heartstrings, others were furious or funny, charming or savage. And I loved every one of them.

But here are a few of my favorites.


The marches may be over, but the Women’s March on Washington has become a movement with no signs of slowing down. If anything, we’re just building more support, and sweeping others along with us in an attempt to create the social change our world desperately needs.

We’ve been mobilized by the #MeToo and #TimesUp movements, and we’re joining together to bring this third wave of intersectional, inclusive feminism to the average American voter who is tired of watching Congress play politics while real people—men and women alike—pay the price.

Our work isn’t done, but we can look back at these signs and let them inspire us to keep going—even when things get tough.




Author: Crystal Jackson
Image: Twitter/Rachelr
Editor: Travis May
Copy Editor: Callie Rushton

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About Crystal Jackson

Crystal Jackson is a former family therapist who's evolved into a spinner of stories and dreamer of dreams. When she's not single-handedly chasing around 2 wild and wonderful children, she's busy writing and finding ways to transform struggle into beauty. When she's not chasing children or writing, you can find her working part-time for a consulting firm, practicing yoga, finding balance as an Empath, meditating, running, reading, advocating feminism, plotting and planning adventures and deeply enjoying her life. Follow Crystal on Facebook.


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