Why I Agree with Justin Trudeau about Abortion.


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Canadian prime minister Justin Trudeau has recently become the subject of controversy when it comes to some of his comments on abortion.

At a town hall event in Hamilton, Ontario, Trudeau was asked about the issue, and how it connected to free speech. In response, Trudeau said, “An organization that has the explicit purpose of restricting women’s rights by removing rights to abortion, the right for women to control their own bodies, is not in line with where we are as a government and quite frankly where we are as a society.”

This statement has even been subject to criticism from the United States, where the issue of abortion is even more controversial than it is in Canada. Trudeau has received such responses as, “this man is reprehensible” from former White House staffer Sebastian Gorka.

But the thing is, I agree with Trudeau. In fact, as a Canadian myself, and as a feminist, I’m proud of my prime minister for his statement.

I am pro-choice. This does not necessarily mean that I am pro-abortion. This does not mean that I hate babies, or that I want all babies to die. What it does mean is that I recognize that abortion is not a simple, good-or-evil issue. I recognize that there are many reasons for why a woman might want to have an abortion, and that I do not have the right to make that decision for her.

One issue that we have in our society is that we don’t seem to understand who is actually having abortions.

The image that we hold onto is of a frightened teenage girl, making rash decisions that she might later regret, or women like Pennsatucky from the show “Orange is the New Black” who use abortion as a form of birth control. This, however, does not reflect the reality of what is going on.

Only 12 percent of abortion patients in the United States are teenagers. The majority of women who are getting abortions (60 percent) are actually in their 20s, and 59 percent already have at least one child. And as much as we commonly accept this myth that women will regret their abortions, this is just a myth—95 percent of women do not regret their decision to terminate their pregnancies.

So why do women choose to get an abortion, if it isn’t because they’re scared teenagers or because they don’t want to be mothers? Well, the most common reason that women give for wanting an abortion is related to finances. Almost half of abortion patients live under the poverty line, and more than a quarter are within 200 percent of the poverty line. Quite frankly, these are often women who cannot afford to have another child.

And for those of you asking why they don’t just give the baby up for adoption: merely carrying a baby to term and giving birth to it is expensive, especially in the United States, where abortion continues to be a hot-button issue. For a natural birth, an American woman is billed around $30,000 on average, while a cesarean section can cost around $50,000. An abortion, on the other hand, can cost anywhere between $0 to $3,275 (a medical abortion also tends to be safer than childbirth). It isn’t difficult to see why a woman living under or close to the poverty line would choose an abortion.

Take note, pro-lifers: if you really want to deter women from getting abortions, you first need to deal with your healthcare system.

Merely restricting a woman’s access to an abortion is forcing a woman to make one of two choices: she can give birth to and raise a child that she does not have the means to take proper care of, or she can resort to an unsafe abortion. Because here’s the thing: if a woman has decided, with absolute certainty, that she needs an abortion, then she will get an abortion. Whether or not that abortion is done in safe conditions is up to the legal system.

There are approximately 25 million unsafe abortions performed annually, the vast majority of which are performed in countries where women’s access to safe abortions is restricted. Each year, between 4.7 percent to 13.2 percent of maternal deaths are attributed to unsafe abortion. Medical abortions, on the other hand, kill 1 in every 15,000 women.

And I do not at all mean to imply that if a woman chooses to have an abortion for any reason besides a financial reason, then it is invalid. In my opinion, there are many valid reasons to want an abortion, including mental health, physical health, the pregnancy being the result of a rape, or quite simply not being prepared for the responsibility of carrying a human being to term and/or raising it afterward.

Abortion is a complicated issue. And I cannot be the one to make a blanketed decision for every woman in my country regarding what she can do with her body and her life. And if I tried to make that decision, it could come with massive costs toward women’s health and quality of life.

Being pro-choice involves trusting that women are capable of making difficult decisions for themselves. It involves thinking of women as rational, intelligent beings with autonomy. And I like to think that we are getting to a place in society where we are doing this. As Trudeau said, “Women have fought for generations for the right to control their own bodies, to be able to choose for themselves what to do with their bodies.”

Being pro-choice is not about hating babies, or condoning murder (something which is an interesting discussion in and of itself, although I might point out that most scientists do not believe that a fertilized egg necessarily constitutes human life). Being pro-choice is about just that: choice. For every single woman out there.

If you don’t believe in abortion, don’t have one. Just don’t endanger other lives by telling women what they can and can’t do with their bodies. And don’t judge a woman whose life you do not understand.


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Author: Ciara Hall
Image:  Flickr/JustinLing & Pixabay
Editor: Sara Kärpänen
Copy editor: Catherine Monkman


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Agnieszka Kokot May 23, 2018 11:17am

Deborah, your tax dollars aren’t funding abortions. Mine are. Your taxes fund the multitude of other health care services Planned Parenthood provides, which are arguably beneficial.

Isabel Mosseler May 23, 2018 9:38am

My aunt almost died from an illegal abortion. She had three children and her husband refused to use birth control (religion). This was before the pill (I'm 60). My mom found her bleeding and weak, and in her panic called a cab because it was faster. I grew up with a mom who demanded sex ed in our public school, and won, who was pro-choice, who battled these garbage control issues. While my aunt was hospitalized post illegal abortion my mom found my uncle praying in the church chapel, promising to build a wing on the church if she lived, bargaining with god. She yelled at him to wrap his dick or she'd cut it off, and keep god out of it. Well, the church got a new addition and my auntie had no more kids. And my mom went on to anti-nuke marches. I had an awesome childhood.

Krisztina Samu Mar 21, 2018 6:42am

I've always wondered why there isn't a charity to sponsor an unaborted child so people who are anti abortion could send montly checks to that mother in poverty so the child can have adequate food, clothing, healthcare and education. They could exchange photos and letters on a montly basis, just like the charities that help the children of the poor in developing countries.

Sydney Coale Light Feb 13, 2018 10:17pm

Great piece, thoughtful & considered. Trudeau is an intelligent leader for a complex time.

Veronica Flenchom Feb 12, 2018 10:00am

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Scott David Stine Feb 11, 2018 9:55pm

This is why I love Justin Trudeau.

Galina Singer Feb 11, 2018 5:47am

Excellent in every single way! Couldn’t agree more. Thank you for writing.

Frank Graham Feb 10, 2018 3:53am

I don't agree with murder.

Monika Carless Feb 9, 2018 9:08pm

Take note, pro-lifers: if you really want to deter women from getting abortions, you first need to deal with your healthcare system. THIS! Thank you for making this important statement. Also, thank you for tackling such a controversial issue in a dignified and knowlegeable way.

Gwen Stackler Feb 9, 2018 8:40pm

Deborah, All I can say is that you need to do some actual research like this author did and not continue to have your information spoonfed to you by possibly untrustworthy sources that have only one goal in mind. I hope that you can see the hypocrisy of "I have no interest in imposing my morals or my beliefs on anyone else and don't much care what other women do with their bodies." and then going on to show (incorrectly, mind you) just how you feel fhe opposite. I wish you peace, compassion, and understanding with this issue and others.

Shannon McCabe Feb 9, 2018 6:25pm

Thank you for addressing a tough topic and speaking your truth ❣️ We need to start talking deeper about these issues. Human laws are taking away our right to choose our life choices as a human being. We as humans are brought unto earth with free will to live out our truths based on our free will choice and with no judgement. That’s part of Universal Laws. It’s not just a money issue also. Those who have children know there is more to raising a child than monetary value. Love, care, responsibility. It’s a lifelong choice of bringing another human unto this world. We as humans have to start looking at the long term effects for our choices in life and if we cannot give to a child what we don’t have like self love, sense of belonging, worthiness, unconditional love for ourselves and etc then so be it. We have the right to choose. When we fully understand life, we understand life is death and death is life. Whatever form of being we are from the animal kingdom, the plant kingdom, the mineral kingdom and yes the human kingdom not all is meant to “live”. As humans we are here to evolve “our” souls and we have been given free will choice to experience “our” experiences free of judgement and with unconditional love. As we create these “human laws” we take away our free will and choice to live by “the universal laws” and live out what our souls are meant to experience. For all those who feel pro life, especially in the human and our pet kingdom, I have a question for you. Are you willing to take into your home and provide for that human or pet that was forced by our human made law to live? Providing is not just monetary. It’s also providing nourishment on an emotional level too. Yes that child could be the next president, that child could also be the next rapist, murderer, etc... Again we don’t know, but we were given upon our birth the free will of choice how to live our life. If that means we don’t feel we can provide a life for that being to have the whole package including the mind, body and soul. Then so be it, we have that right to choose.

Roxanne Nelson Feb 9, 2018 6:14pm

You don't say where you live, Deborah Taylor, but wouldn't it be nice if we could direct our taxes just to the things we want. Planned Parnthood is not a butcher shop, give me a break. Only 3% of their services are terminating pregnancies, and women who have access to them avoid having to go to back alley butcher shops. The rest of their services, 97%, is spent on life sustaining causes that you are lamenting about. Treating and testing for STDs and cervical cancer, providing birth control, pregnancy testing and prenatal care--they also provide health services to men. Now what would happen to all of these low income folks, millions of them, who rely on Planned Parenthood if funding was cut off? Where would they go? Do you know how few doctors in the US will take Medicaid, for example. And the amount paid in taxes to organizations like PP is minute. How about your government using your taxes to provide corporate welfare to mega-corporations that exploit workers, pollute our environment, swindle people out of money--does that bother you? Or funding endless vacations for the president ot go play golf once a week? Or funding gold plated health insurance to members of congress for all eternity while the rest of us get scraps?

Autumn Gonzales Feb 9, 2018 5:14pm

So does this mean that you support universal health care, or perhaps enacting a universal wage? Because surely these are "life-giving and life-sustaining causes."

Deborah Taylor Feb 9, 2018 2:58pm

I am a little surprised and disappointed that Elephant Journal has now lopsidedly waded into the muck of politics on this one. You see, I one of those "pro-lifers" you so off-handedly and dismissively referred to in your article, and as such, I do not believe in abortion. That being said, I have no interest in imposing my morals or my beliefs on anyone else and don't much care what other women do with their bodies. But, at the same time, what I do find morally reprehensible and utterly unfair to pro-lifers is that, my government uses my money, paid in the way of a ridiculous amount of taxes, to fund what I believe are butcher shops like Planned Parenthood thus, essentially shoving pro-choice tenets down the throats of pro-lifers. This, coupled with the fact that, it is up for serious and valid debate as to whether or not PP exploits the lives of those murdered souls even further by selling body parts for profit, make this fact even more distasteful. It's a slippery slope and I wish I had the opportunity with my taxes, as I do with my investments, to opt out of funding and investing in companies that do not align with my beliefs, because I, and millions of others, surely would direct our taxes to more worthwhile, life-giving and life-sustaining causes.

Linda Lewis Feb 9, 2018 2:45pm

An excellent article, which I shall share in the hope that others will contemplate the true meaning of "choice". I especially liked the factual issue you raised about health care: to cut down on abortions, make health care as available as it is in Canada, since, as you pointed out, the main reason for abortions is financial. Bravo for leaning into a difficult but so real topic.

Anne Oberin Feb 9, 2018 12:43pm

Thank you for this well thought out and expressed opinion. 💛