March 1, 2018

How to save our World when it all seems Hopeless, with Shawn Heinrichs.



Waylon talks with Shawn Heinrichs about ocean conservation, art, and empathy.

Walk the Talk Show with Waylon Lewis:

“We’re driving a Formula 1 race car fast asleep…and it’s got a bomb in the back.” ~ Shawn Heinrichs


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It’s easy to feel hopeless these days—especially when the problems we face are as big as the ocean. In Shawn Heinrichs case, it is the ocean. Shawn is a cinematographer, photographer, and marine conservationist who inspires action through art. He works to safeguard the planet’s oceans and the animals that call them home. Check him out!



How a plant-based diet is good for your heart, penis & lifespan.

Blue Sphere Foundation 

Shawn Heinrichs’ TEDx Talk 


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