March 23, 2018

Kino talks with Waylon about Alo and Dana & the Path of Yoga in an Instagram culture.

My personal hope is that the two “sides” can talk this out sans lawyers, and find a point of consensus that is truly a win for all.

In the meantime, a reminder that hate, trolling, bullying is not helpful for one’s own cause. Constructive criticism—the ability to agreeably disagree, with an open mind and heart, to listen—is what our community, and our world need more of.

While this all may seem like drama—and there is some of that—there are important issues and questions for our yoga community here. Capitalism, transparency, bullying by fans, the theistic notion of “fan” and fame itself replacing community, litigation against individuals instead of dialogue. 

So, please, support mindful, open dialogue on platforms not controlled by Facebook or other quarterly-return-focused enterprises. Support independent, mindful forums that encourage talk, and listening—and may we all work together to encourage peace, and discourage litigation. 

And, when in doubt, come back to the practice. The practice teaches us to breathe through the difficult times, such as this. Not to avoid. Not to make worse with our own aggression. May it be of benefit!

~ Waylon, ed.


Walk the Talk Show with Waylon Lewis:



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Ariel Sky Ford Mar 24, 2018 6:27pm

I’ve thought on this for two days, sat on it to make sure it wasn’t reactionary. And I’m still thinking about it, so I’m gonna say it. It seemed to me that Waylon was low-key tone policing Kino in the name of Buddhism. It’s okay to be angry when people we care about are there are abuses of power to people we care about. Kino, you keep rocking out that brave voice, and standing up, and showing up. There’s a whole krewe standing beside you and with you. Dana, you too.

Diego Efe Mar 24, 2018 2:28pm

Thanks for covering this dispute. I'm new to yoga and have just discovered Elephant Journal few days ago. For me, it's interesting to witness the way people process this political problem without using concepts like capitalism, structural tendencies of corporations (to only care about profit and market domination), legal constraints to freedom of speech, etc. It's obvious that yoga practitioners would be enriched by political philosophy textbooks. As Molly Murphy explains in other comment, yoga is a social practice with a context in which business is included. Or directly not context but an intrinsic part of it, it's not the same to have practiced yoga in ancient India than to do it nowadays in our "modern countries". Thanks for giving the space to allow this interesting discussion in your space.

Annalisa Kite Mar 23, 2018 5:42am

I suggest a solution: both sides give a little. Dana and Kino accept that their content remain on CodyApp for a period of time (eg 3 years). Alo drop the lawsuits against all individuals and remove the content after the period of time. Let's get some perspective here. We are talking about the image of a clothing company and a company that is a platform for yoga classes. And the reputations of yoga teachers. Its not brain surgery or rocket science. On the grandest scale none of these things are of earth-shattering importance. Everyone needs to chill out and lighten up.

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