March 19, 2018

March 20th: a Transformational Equinox due to Cracks in Earth’s Magnetosphere.

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“The dance between darkness and light will always remain—the stars and the moon will always need the darkness to be seen, the darkness will just not be worth having without the moon and the stars.” ~ C. JoyBell C.


March 20th, 2018 signifies the celebration of the spring equinox for those in the Northern Hemisphere and the autumnal equinox for those in the Southern Hemisphere.

It is a day when the hours of day and night are of equal length, and it occurs twice each year—once in spring and again in fall.

Equinoxes are balanced days where harmony exists between the light and dark. Unconditional acceptance of both light and dark attributes can help us achieve inner peace as we embrace the duality of nature, and understand that they are both essential for the continuation of divine existence.

Just as darkness needs the light, the light needs the darkness; our darkness must be present so that we can shine brightly to illuminate and dispel the darkness in our lives and world.

We will likely notice that any turbulence that has been ongoing in our lives, or society, will start to find equilibrium; however, at first this may seem hugely challenging as yin and yang pushes and pulls to maintain power and control.

During this week, brilliant rays of light will be shined on the darker aspects of our lives and the lighter aspects will be touched by darkness. A purging or unearthing of negative entities is currently taking place so that dysfunctional or destructive dynamics that have held us back can be acknowledged, processed, and let go of. When this darkness is brought to the light, the current incoming energy will assist us in providing acceptance, understanding, and forgiveness and any karmic attachments to our situations will naturally dissipate.

Although it may sound unsettling to think of our lives being shaken up, it is a vital process to let those dense, low-vibrational elements in our own lives and beyond to be heard and given the opportunity to be released so that our energy can freely flow.

This equinox brings with it an intense vibrational and transformational energy wave, and is also the closure of the previous vibrational wave, which began on the winter solstice, December 21st.  This brings to an end many events, particularly ones which we’ve now finally learned lessons from and are ready to leave behind. This day can be seen as a transitional rebirthing, or a “reset stage” where we release our hold on the old and open and prepare ourselves for the year ahead.

The equinox is also the beginning of our journey through the astrological year, which moves us away from subtle, sensitive Pisces and into heady fire-sign Aries. Aries is the first sign of the Zodiac and is represented by a ram. Rams are no-nonsense creatures that charge full-steam ahead, and if we are attuned to cosmic energy, we will notice a powerful energy shift and an instinctual need to “spring clean” our relationships, homes, hearts, and minds. Therefore, it is essential to remind ourselves to be patient and rational, and not make hasty decisions that could potentially damage meaningful relationships.

Whenever we sabotage a connection with someone we are close to or even someone far away, we leave an energetic footprint that we may come to regret. As long as we act with integrity and keep our mind focused on a genuine and loving intention for all concerned, we will likely not go far off track.

The equinox brings in “master energy” that can be summed up with the fiery attitude of “take no sh*t and clear out old clutter,” as many of us, particularly those who are highly sensitive, will be feeling less tolerant and eager to cleanse our lives of anything or anyone that drains us, creates blockages, or causes distress.

This is a day for retreat and one where we should consciously refrain from any confrontations. We should aim to be far from any chaos, and to take time to indulge in valuable introspection—notably through meditation. Whatever changes and shifts are occurring at this stage are all for our, as well as other people’s, highest good. So it is advisable to step back and allow any storms to quickly pass, without the temptation to become actively involved—which only prolongs how long those feelings will stay around.

Intuition will be particularly strong, distortion will be cleared, and awareness will be heightened on this day, as a huge portal has opened due to the formation of “equinox cracks,” which many scientists believe happen semi-annually during the equinoxes and can remain open for many hours. These cracks in Earth’s magnetosphere (protective bubble) open up a portal that allows highly vibrating energy from the universe to flow in and directly impact energetic particles on Earth, including all living beings.

A portal allows surging energy to rapidly travel between dimensions of two distant locations in the universe—for example, from the sun to the Earth. When a portal opens, it is believed to offer a temporary period of life-changing highly charged transformational frequencies. This gifts us the opportunity to experience a full, conscious awakening through renewed energy, infinite possibilities, higher wisdom, optimum growth, and increased and deeper levels of love and wisdom. The equinox is a tremendous opportunity to align with the universe’s energy and fully absorb and integrate the vibrational qualities it delivers.

The vital life-force energy that is propelled toward our planet on the equinox, and during other intense energy periods, such as full and new moons, solar storms, and planetary retrogrades, is not only absorbed by living creatures but by all of nature. Mountains, forests, and the oceans all receive a boost of immensely positive energy that is stored and emanated throughout our environment. This is one of the reasons we find such peace, harmony, and natural highs when we are near hilltops, woodlands, or water.

The equinox is the optimum time to head out to nature to set intentions and give gratitude for the energy of Mother Earth, the moon, and the sun. It is also the perfect opportunity to balance and harmonise simply by understanding, loving, accepting, and embracing our entire selves, and to have absolute faith that we are limitless, miraculous beings of light, wide-open to the possibility of reaching our fullest and highest potential.

Throughout the duration of this week, there will likely be many geomagnetic storms taking place, as is normally the case around an equinox. The solar flares that erupt from the sun during these storms can disturb Earth’s magnetic field and have a magnificent effect on human behaviour and are known to expand spiritual consciousness. Please click here for more details.

For an explanation of how energy affects us, please click here.


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