March 31, 2018

Tonight’s Powerful, Healing Full Moon will have a Transformative Effect on our Relationships.

Full moons are energetically powerful, deeply creative, and intensely magical times that connect us to our emotions, intuition, deepest desires, and, ultimately, our soul’s inner longings.

Tonight’s full moon is known as a “blue moon,” and this cosmic energy is believed to be approximately 12 times more powerful than a regular full moon. When a blue moon occurs, which happens when two full moons occur in the same month, we are far more intuitive, sensitive, perceptive, and empowered than normal.

Blue moons are quite rare and usually take place approximately once every 2.7 years, hence the saying “once in a blue moon.” However, in January 2018 there was a blue moon, so we will experience this astrological event twice within a couple of months. This particular blue full moon will be creating a major shift in our personal lives as it occurs during Mercury Retrograde, which is already a highly charged, intensely transformational energy period.

The magnetic energy from the moon directly connects with our own magnetic energy and has a huge impact on our emotional body. When the moon waxes and wanes, it pushes and pulls, and as the moon changes phases it stirs up our own hidden and rejected emotions.

This can cause an immense amount of confusion and is the reason that when the moon is at its brightest we often feel compelled to either draw people toward us or reject and clear out anything harmful that does not serve the well-being of our heart and soul. It can also be the reason we suddenly feel compelled to reconnect with those that we have previously lost contact with.

We may have felt extremely irritable and groundless over the past week, and as though everything is going wrong around us—as if for every step forward we also take 10 steps back! This is due to our energetic bodies being out of alignment, as the magnetic force from the moon, as well as the planet Mercury, causes havoc with our personal electromagnetic fields.

Our senses are currently on high alert, which may cause us to take things personally and react irrationally to things we would normally let slide. Everyone we are connected to is at different levels of knowledge and soul development, and everyone we meet has had unique upbringings, conditioning, teachings, and experiences. Therefore, it is inevitable that we will butt heads with certain people or be rubbed the wrong way as we struggle to understand why some people behave and express themselves the way they do.

It can be extremely infuriating when people don’t treat us the way we treat them, and it may feel tempting to reciprocate what is being done to us. But, we can’t control how anyone else thinks, feels, or acts. We can, however, most definitely control our own speech and actions, so rather than mirroring those around us we can choose to treat ourselves the way we would like others to treat us, and to give ourselves the attention we freely give to others.

So many of us love and take care of everyone around us far better than we love and take care of ourselves. We would never talk to others the way we silently talk to ourselves, and we would never want people we care about most to go through what we put ourselves through!

On this full moon, we can make the firm decision to stop neglecting ourselves and instead start loving, caring, and even dating ourselves. Let’s all give ourselves the love, gentleness, and compassion that we have freely and unconditionally given away to others.

Although it may feel tempting to set the record straight with certain people, or jump in and defend ourselves when we believe someone is pulling us down, it will be more beneficial to breathe through these emotions, so that if and when we choose to respond, it is in a calm, compassionate, and controlled manner. Otherwise, when we become entangled with low frequency arguments and squabbles, other people’s anger, resentment, or frustrations build up in our own energy field, and we can be left with the pent-up emotions that belong to those around us.

When we don’t pay attention to our own needs, we will not clearly identify and separate our emotions from other people’s. We then take on the full force of others’ emotional energy as though it is our own, our energy field will be left with a dense, heavy weight. This can cause us to randomly explode in fits of fury, or to switch from high to low moods within a matter of moments, leaving us reeling and feeling confused and remorseful from it all.

When we aren’t showing ourselves love, care, or empathy, we aren’t listening to ourselves or understanding our emotions—and we certainly aren’t expressing self-compassion. Therefore, it is important to take time out to re-balance and ground ourselves and process any confusing or sudden feelings that arise. This allows our mind to be clear without external emotions triggering negative behavior, so we can respond in ways that are mindful, rational, and beneficial to our relationships.

The spiritual purpose of the full moon is to bring us back in touch with our emotions, sensitivities, and inner-selves, and to discern what we are holding on to and what needs to be released. While full moons bring an influx of uncomfortable and contradictory thoughts, emotions, and feelings, they are for our higher good, so we pay attention to the positive and negative aspects of those we are in close contact with, and also who and what we have prioritised.

This can make us feel as though there is an internal battle going on, as often who and what we think we want isn’t actually who or what we need for a harmonious and fulfilling life, as it isn’t nourishing for our mind, body, or soul.

Full moons are self-healing phases, so it is vital to remain grounded, in control, and clear of negative energies whenever the moon shines at its fullest, as we need to integrate the divine energy coming in into essential healing and creativity, so we can manifest the life we deserve to be living. If we approach it in this way, we can emerge from the illuminating lunar energy feeling lighter, brighter, freer, clearer, and fully energised.

To create a massive shift in our lives, we can remind ourselves that we truly are creators of our own destiny. Our thoughts are immensely powerful, and we can use them wisely to focus on what we would like to achieve.

When we exist at peace in the present moment, we can embody the essence of who we believe and know ourselves to be. If we feed our hearts and minds magnificent possibilities, and we are compassionate and unconditionally loving toward ourselves, we can naturally manifest what we truly desire, as our energy will be aligned and attuned to the vibrations radiating from our powerful, mystical moon.

Empaths and those who are highly sensitive to energy will be far more susceptible to the impact of the current celestial events and may feel overwhelmed, fatigued, or possibly even experience high anxiety at times due to the constant influx of emotional energy. One way to combat this is to transmute the energy by sending out high-vibrational energetic waves of love, compassion, tenderness, care, acceptance, forgiveness, and understanding, which neutralizes any harmful vibrations and transforms negative emotional energy to positive energy.

This once in a blue moon event offers us the opportunity for major transformation, and has the potential to deeply heal our past emotional wounds, as well as eradicate misunderstandings and miscommunication, so we can repair and seal bonds within our closest and most meaningful relationships.


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