April 6, 2018

Elon Musk’s Wise Words on Climate Change.

Climate change is a real thing.

We can debate about the extent of our environmental impact, how much of this is part of a “natural cycle,” what reasonable steps we should take to shift our economy toward sustainability, and so on.

However, what we really can’t debate is the overwhelming amount of evidence that would point toward the existence of climate change and its potential implications.

Whether we believe it’s entirely man-made or purely a consequence of natural forces, it doesn’t change the fact that something will eventually need to be done about what we are seeing in the atmosphere (specifically the rate of carbon dioxide, which seems to be higher than it has ever been in like 500,000 years).

I would listen to the scientists on this one—the people actually studying these patterns by profession—instead of getting caught up in the political games being played around the issue of climate change.

It’s silly. We are going to run out of fossil fuels anyway, so whether we “believe” in climate change or not, it is in all of our best interests to move toward more sustainable sources of energy that work more harmoniously with the environment. It’s not about saving Mother Earth, it is about not having our species f*cking die.

There’s nothing that bothers me more than when an environmentalist says something like, “The environment would be better off without us…” Right, well—we’re going to keep the nuclear weapons away from you, buster. It’s just as infuriating when a far-right person denies the existence of climate change altogether, having done absolutely no research other than their nightly Fox News exploits. It’s like, guys…you’re both crazy!

I think what we need is to unite under the flag of reason, inviting any and all attempts to move toward a more sustainable and environmentally friendly future without doing too much unnecessary damage to already existing industry and without diminishing the substructure of our entire civilization. Agreed? Agreed!

I heard Elon Musk give his take on climate change in an interview from a few years back that really summed up how I feel about it.

“When someone is a skeptic of climate change, what they are really saying is that they’re not sure that it’s 100 percent certain. But that’s not the point. The point is, what do you think the percentage chance is of climate change being catastrophic for some meaningful portion of the earth’s population. Is it greater than one percent? Is it even one percent? If it is even one percent, why are we running this experiment? We’re playing Russian roulette with the atmosphere, and as each year goes by, we are putting more rounds in the chamber…it’s not wise.”


We should allocate resources toward environmental sustainability for the sake of our children and our children’s children. I really think that the political polarization we are seeing today, particularly in this country, makes it incredibly difficult to have honest conversations about the real issues. We can’t come up with tenable solutions if we don’t have enough conversations.

You might say, “Well, it’s only big business preventing political movements toward environmentalism and sustainability, so why even have conversations about it?” However, a huge percentage of the population is skeptical of climate change—they’re tired of politicians telling them what to believe in; and who can blame them? It’s up to people who understand climate change to engage in public discourse and get everyone to see that we’re on the same side.

As far as big business being the root of this, tell that to Elon Musk or Boyan Slat, the young man who built a machine that can wipe away all of the plastic waste from the ocean. Some big businesses are definitely attempting to prevent efforts toward reducing the effect of climate change, but they’re dying anyway because their resources will run out!

“We know we have to get to a sustainable means of transportation, no matter what. So why even run the experiment? It’s the world’s dumbest experiment.”

Indeed. We are running a dangerous experiment, and I highly suggest we listen to someone like Elon Musk if we want to optimize our chances of coming out on top.

Whether we value the innate beauty of the natural environment and don’t want to see it destroyed by big industry, or whether we want the human species to go on thriving and expanding, we are actually taking the same stance on climate change. Let’s stop fighting amongst ourselves and start to build a better world.



I don’t care if you “don’t believe in Climate Change.” I do care about this.


Author: Samuel Kronen
Image: WikiMedia Commons
Editor: Yoli Ramazzina
Copy Editor: Travis May

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Katman Katz Apr 7, 2018 7:21pm

There’s a problem to be addressed before we reach a great accord between the climate deniers and those more honest about what we’re doing to the environment: it is necessary to do quite a bit of damage to “already existing industry”. Big business has been trashing our water supply, rivers and lakes, and the ocean for decades. This has to stop. We can’t allow the discharge of ANY toxic chemical waste into our waterways and the oceans. We need to clean up the trash in the oceans. We need to absolutely protect our air quality and we’re failing, miserably. The latest pathetic efforts by the incumbent administration to roll back what little protections we have demonstrate that we are losing this battle. It is very definitely going to affect the corporate oligarchy’s (sorry, had to throw that in, but you know it’s true) profits when we (finally) halt the use of glyphosate and other cancer-causing pesticides and chemicals. Does the average ‘red state’ voter realize many countries either have an outright ban on, or strongly curtail, the use of any of that poison? They’re not all liberals! It is because it is just that - poison. Now, Monsanto and their ilk won’t go quietly. There is no level, artifice, gas-lighting, fake news or other manipulation to which they won’t stoop to protect and increase those profit margins - at the greater and greater expense of the environment. Existing industry makes obscene profits and in general, are concerned with nothing else (much like a parasite that kills the host). Corporations are going to have to be satisfied with less. That is so easy to say, and it is entirely true, but monied interests will never willingly allow that to happen, and the controls will have to be legislated and compliance will have to be forced, with the authority of the government behind enforcement. If we’re really committed to leaving a habitable world for our children and descendants, and truly helping to insure the survival of our species (and we are at a critical stage, and in addition to cleaning up our planet should probably be long-range planning on eventually being able to migrate from Earth - as Musk believes, and not to mention Stephen Hawking’s long-time observations), we will have to rein in the crazy cash grab free-for-all status quo and force monied interests to operate within an ethical and legal framework that puts the safety of our air and water, and our food supply, over profits. Climate denial aside, how can anyone not care about a floating pile of trash in the Pacific larger than Texas? About a constant flow of radioativity pouring into the Pacific so dangerous it melts the probe in just a few minutes? About yet another and another petroleum spill that kills all aquatic life in the area for years? About brown skies so dirty that children aren’t allowed to play outside during recess? About having to buy bottled water for use in their own homes because what comes out of the tap is poisonous? Anything Big Business has been forced to pay to clean up their messes up to this point has been little more than lunch money to them. Maybe we, the voting citizens, could stop despising the other side, and start loving our children and Mother Earth. If that was truly our focus, we would all work together and save this planet.

Linda Lewis Apr 7, 2018 4:44pm

Great article, and sharing.

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