May 14, 2018

How to Drown a Flame when you’re the One on Fire. {Poem}

I hate that you’re beautiful on the inside in ways I’ve only ever written about, never discovered.

And I hate that you’re like me—coming out of something fresh.
Something you still miss.
Someone you still love.
Because I can’t even be upset over it
Or throw a fit
Or even let this go for fear of losing it.

I hate it because I can’t resist it.
And I know it’s unfair.
Know it’s unhealthy.
Know it’s what I deserve—
Looking to get lost in someone else.
Drown the sorrow with comfort,
Suffocate the empty parts with companionship.

Because you can’t feed the fire
And expect it to cease.
You have to cut it off.
Let the air be gone.
Choke the flames out until they die.

But the fire feels so warm
And I’m not ready for the cold.
The fire burns so light
And I’m not ready for the dark.

The fire is both safety and danger
Risk and reward
But I keep braving this fire
And I keep getting burned.

So how do you put out a flame,
How do you say no,
Draw the line down
In the sand of hearts that shift like a side winder,
Hearts that you can never fully know…
How do you stop the burn,
When you’re the one
On fire?



I want you to Revel in how you Taste, too. {Poem}


Author: Brooklynn Bosworth
Image: Author’s own
Editor: Nicole Cameron
Copy Editor: Yoli Ramazzina

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Brooklynn Bosworth May 18, 2018 5:22pm

Thank you Jennifer! I love that- "walk through the fire". You are exactly right. What challenges us always makes us stronger.

Jennifer Evangelista May 15, 2018 1:47pm

Love this. In my opinion, Walk through the fire. The strength gained and revived is worth the burn. Your writing is so soulful. Thank you for it

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Brooklynn Bosworth

Brooklynn Bosworth is a yoga teacher, athlete, activist, and writer. She believes her experiences create a natural storyline for her writing and enjoys sharing poetry, prose, and short story based from authentic experience. Brooklynn is situated in the Hawaiian Islands and enjoys all that is encompassed in “island style.” She’s keen on big love, community, and creative expression in whatever form it demands to be birthed. Find out more on her website.